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Let us become the person The More Loving One that has love more

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  The More Loving One

Looking Up At The Stars, I Know Quite Well
That, for All They Care, I Can Go To Hell,
But On Earth Indifference Is The Least
We Have To Dread From Man Or Beast.
How Should We Like It Were Stars To Burn
With A Passion For Us We Could Not Return?
If Equal Affection Cannot Be,
Let The More Loving One Be Me.
Admirer As I Think I Am
Of Stars That Do Not Give A Damn,
I Cannot, now I See Them, say
I Missed One Terribly All Day.
Were All Stars To Disappear Or Die
I Should Learn To Look At An Empty Sky
And Feel Its Total Dark Sublime,
Though This Might Take Me A Little Time.

Let us become the person that has love more

Look up at the time of galaxy, I am as clear as day,
Although they are shown loving care for to the utmost, I also attend ground your home likely,
But our a bit need not dread between this world
That inhospitality of the mankind or birds and beasts.
If galaxy is burning to show loving care for our passion,
We however cannot redound, are we made why impressions?
If cannot arise sameFeeling,
Let me become the person that has love more.
Although I regard the adorer of galaxy as oneself,
Their not worry at all,
I see galaxy now, I however hard open one's mouth,
Say my all day long longs for a star.
If all star disappear or die out,
I should learn to look up at the sky that swings for nothing,
Experience a sky at the same time inky great,
Although such likelihoods should spend a bit time.
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