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Mom, you are held in the arms I am sorely

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Mom, you are held in the arms I am sorely
Mother, your Tight Hug Makes Me Feel Pain
Author: Peaceful island (poet of Canadian foreign citizen of Chinese origin, " North America maple " chief editor, president of company of literature of North America Chinese)
Interpreter: Zhong Wenfu
* annotate: Although highway of plain of short of Wenshui River is destroyed by the earthquake, still have large quantities of victims that Cong Wenchuan escapes, among them a pair of couples wrap a baby with calico, the baby had died apparently, but the mother still holds him in the arms closely, hard land is pedestrian and forward go...
The floor holds firmly mud to loosen again
Wild country potato full
Call in again. Mom, have you only
Why to hold me in the arms more tighten more
The Floor Holds Mud Tight And Then Loosens It,
The Wild Area Brings Forth Full Potatoes And Then Takes Them Back.
Mother, why Do Only You Hold Me More And More Tight?
Be like me is collect in the ground come
For fear that one let go, with respect to the dust that can be chased after all the way
Reave suddenly, mom
The story of the potato child that still remembers so that you tell to me
It Seems That I Was Picked Up In The Field,
You Are Afraid That Once You Loosen Your Grip,
I Will Be Suddenly Taken Away By The Dust Following Us All The Way.
Mother, do You Still Remember The Story Of Baby Potato That You Told Me?
You say those who come to I am father is picked up from potato cropland
Had blown La Huahua's Wo Ye when spring breeze
Father is chasing you, father says
Blue sky line of La Huahua is worn you
The most beautiful
You Said I Was Picked Up By Father In The Potato Field.
When Spring Wind Blew Over The Blue Fertile Land,
Father Ran After You And Said
When You Were In Silhouette Against The Blue Sky,
You Were The Most Beautiful.
Mom, you say to become fertile soil for nothing fat fat potato
When spitting, father a the biggest that
Hold in the arms case, it became me, mom
You are used most galactic feed of Gan Tian I
Mother, you Said When The Fertile Land Put Forth Plumb Potatoes,
Father Picked Up The Biggest One
Which Turned Into Me.
Mother, you Fed Me With The Sweetest Milk.
Actually I know, mom, it is you gave birth to me

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