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Duty field is classical praise 30

From;    Author:Stand originally Look Great Today. (you look today very marvellous. )
2.You Did A Good Job. (you work first-rately. )
3.We're So Proud Of You. (we very for your pride. )
4.I'm Very Pleased With Your Work. (I am very satisfactory to your job. )
5.This Is Really A Nice Place. (this is a good place really! )
6.You're Looking Sharp! (you look true spirit / dishy / really beautiful. )
7.You Always Know The Right Thing To Say.
8.You   Are Very Eloquent. (you always talk decent. )
9.Nice Going! = You Did A Good Job. (work well! )
10.The Food Is Delicious. (delicious! )
11.Everything Tastes Great. (each thing is very delicate! )
12.Your Son/daughter Is So Cute. (your child is very lovely)
13.What An Adorable Baby! (how lovely child. )
14.I Admire Your Work. =15. I Respect Your Work. (I show respect to your job. )
16.You've Got A Great Personality. (your individual character is very good. )
17.You Have A Good Sense Of Humor. (you are really humorous. )
18.Your Chinese Is Really Surprising. (your Chinese is surprising. )
19.Your English Is Incredible. (I dare not believe you reallyEnglish. )
20.You Have A Very Successful Business. (your career is very successful. )
21.You're Very Professional. (you specialProfessional. )
22.Your Company Is Very Impressive. (your company leaves deep impression to me. )
23.You're So Smart. (you are very clever. )
24.I Envy You Very Much. (I special envy you. )
25.Your Wife Is Very Charming. (your wife has charm very much! )
26.You Two Make A Lovely Couple. (you are one really inherent pair! )
27.You're Really Talented. (you are very gifted. )
28.You Look Nice In That Color. (you wear the sort of facial expression very good-looking. )
29.You Have A Good Taste. (you have grade very much. )
30.You Look Like A Million Dollars. = You Look Outstanding. =you Look Like A Movie Star. (you look Shuai Ai. )

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