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Go to school from bad boss body some of what?

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Macho, insensitive Bosses Share Certain Characteristics. Their Behavior Is Arrogant, quick-tempered And Controlling. Their Motives Are Typically Selfish And Manipulative. They Show Little Concern For Others And Few Signs Of Understanding Why Others Don ' T Trust Them. Most Of All, they Are Quite Unaware Of Their Failings AndThe Impact They Have On Their Subordinates. No Only Do They See No Need To Change, they Often Make Their High-handed Behavior A Source Of Pride.

That ' S Why You Can Trust Them To Be Some Of Your Best Teachers About Productivity And Success.

Before You Decide That I ' Ve Lost My Mind, i'll Explain.

Most Human Beings Are Amazingly Consistent In The Way They Behave. That ' S Why We Can Say Of Some Action, "That Isn ' T Like You, " Or " It ' S So Out Of Character. " Without That Consistency, such A Remark Would Be Pointless. And Amongst The Most Consistent Groups Of All Are Those Who Spend Least Time In Any Kind Of Introspection: The Extreme Extroverts, the Loud, slap-you-on-the-back Hearty Types, the Arrogant, the Pompous, the Selfish And The Self-centered, The People Who, if They Become Bosses, are Most Likely To Prove To Be Bad Ones.

Powerful Lessons From Powerful (and Hopelessly Unaware) People

Bad Bosses Can Become Useful Teachers Precisely Because Their Behavior Tends To Be So Consistently Bad. You Can Be Fairly Sure Of Their Motives And Intentions, which Allows You To Compare Cause (what They Did And Probably Why They Did It) With Effect (how It Turned Out) .

The Pompous Boss, convinced Of Her Superiority And The Rightness Of Whatever She Does; The Lazy Boss, sure That Status Confers The Right To Live Off Other People ' S Efforts; The Rigid, controlling Boss, firm In His Belief That All Subordinates Are Incompetent Without His Oversight; All Of These (and Many More) Hold To Their Actions So Tenaciously, And Are So Blind To What They Are Doing, That They Will Provide Some Of The Best Lessons In What Not To Do That You Will Ever Be Offered.

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