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To Be A Giant.

This Has Forever Been Our Passion, this Desire To Be A Giant.

Not To Stand On One ' S Shoulders Or Have One For A Friend.

For These May Be Fortunate Things.

But To Be One.

Giants Step Over Barriers That Seem Never Ending.

They Conquer Mountains That Appear Insurmountable.

Giant Rise Above Fear.

Triumph Over Pain.

Push Themselves And Inspire Others.

To Be A Giant.

To Do Giant Things.

To Take Giant Steps.

To MoveThe World Forward.


Become a giant,

This is our strongest desire forever,

Become a giant,

Not be to stand on the shoulder of a giant, or become himFriend.

That is to lean lot probably.

And should becoming a giant is different,

Be like gigantic people to must span forever obstacle.

Their conquer looks be like the high mountain that cannot surmount.

Gigantic people surmounts fear.

Beat anguish.

Lash oneself, urge another person.

Become a giant,

Do the thing that giant does.

Take the route that giant takes.

Drive whole world to go ahead.

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