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Semantic Differential and culture difference (5)

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Professor Wang Zunliang says, the dictionary passes big modification 3 times, “ is revised every time is endless, arduous process, make translation improves ” somewhat every time. In the article, he lifted many example to show revised course, make translation is improved somewhat every time. Cite below 3:
Pest: Although,An Evil Person/an Evil Creature is revised small, but the sense is great however; It maintained the style with textual Chinese, english translation is purer also.
Hurl oneself willingly into the net: Law of the first kind of interpret accords with Throw Oneself Into The Trap/walk Right Into The Trap quite textual; Law of the 2nd kind of interpret accords with English habit quite.
Strange Hua Yimu: Law of the 2nd kind of interpret is in Rare Flowers And Trees/exotic Flowers And Rare Trees improve somewhat on type of writing, also more accord with textual mood.
Maxim of adage make peace is the axiom that folk circulates, expression is succinct, facilitating memory. Proverbial content is incisive, the implied meaning is profound, have extensive appeal consequently. The student likes to learn adage. The person of foreign language of begin to learn can feel very complacent with on 9 proverbial meetings.
More or less can adage often reflect viewpoint of the geography of a nation, history, regime, society and attitude. For instance, some peoples live in take littoral, rely on the sea to make a living, their adage often involves maritime voyage, weather storm, fish catch crab. Like the Arab such nomadic adage involves desert, prairie, sheep, horse, camel and jackal more. The society that respects an old person can have the saw of resourceful of emblazon old person. The society with woman not high position has a lot of despising, the adage that debases a woman.
The experience of people and the understanding to the world are in many respects are likeness. Accordingly, although Chinese support of the people tells person culture setting of English to differ, identical or the adage of likeness is very much however in Dan Zaiying language and Chinese. See following adage please:
Strike While The Iron Is Hot. Strike while iron is hot.
Many Hands Make Light Work. Thing of person much easy to handle.
Haste Makes Waste. More haste,less speed.
Out Of Sight, out Of Mind. The eye disappears, the heart is not irritated.
Birds Of A Feather Fleck Together. Things of one kind come together, person with group cent.
Look Before You Leap. Look before you leap.
Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire. There are no waves without wind.
Where There’s A Will There’s A Way. Where there is a will there is a way.
Give A Person A Dose Of His Own Medicine. With its the person's path still studies the body of its person.
All Good Things Must Come To An End. The world does not have the banquet that does not come loose.
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