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Difference of English-Chinese culture thinking reachs its interpreter

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Culture comes from broad sense say, the summation that is the corporeal wealth that in showing human society history carries out a process, creates and mental fortune. Come from narrow sense say, be those who point to a society is ideological, and the system that suits to it and origanization construction. (" demit sea " 1989 edition)
And language and culture are inseparable. The language is the component of culture, it is the carrier of culture. There is particular corresponding concern between thinking and language, the means of thinking is deciding the expressive way of the language, the thinking means that the thing just differs also can affect the expressive kind with English-Chinese different language. And the changeover that the interpreter's essence is different thinking form, the characteristic of means of language people thinking must be entered according to interpret in translating a process, will undertake an interpreter be used to in order to accord with interpret into the expression of language.
The expression of different in the interpreter thinking antonym character has its different kind.
Different people, when watching some kind of thing, the direction of takes point of view and thinking is sometimes extremely not identical, be like: The Chinese tells courtesy quite, everybody always is comity together, always say “ you are asked first! ” and habitual view of English is “After You! “ is used in ” Chinese first the meaning that ” conveys, the ” after “ is being used however in English will express.
Be like again: In time early or late on the concept, person and Chinese are in flower beauty is different on thinking means. The time in the past points to with “back” in English, and the time that points to future with “forward” . And the time that the ” before the Chinese uses “ points to the past, the ” after using “ points to prospective time. Chen Ziang of Tang Dynasty writer is in " record song of desk of secret administrative division " in write: The ancients disappears before “ , arrival disappears after, read aloud the leisurely of heaven and earth, sorrowful alone however the ” before the “ in poem of the ” below tears points to the past, the ” after “ points to future. The Chinese is to facing the past to distinguish time early or late, flower beauty is to face future to distinguish time early or late. English “back” and “forward” are equivalent to the ” after the ” before the “ of Chinese and “ . In Chinese culture, have “ since ancient times south for king, face is in it is south ”“ honour, north is the tradition of low ” . The dragon chair of “ emperor is faced south put ” ; ” leaves south face of goverment office in feudal China of “ the world so Chinese has north will go to south “ , from south to boreal ” , english culture is contrary, the ” of north of “ of person expression azimuth of English country is first. If become interpret of ” of the house austral Chinese “ English “a Room With A Southernexposure” that is wrong, right interpret way is “a Room With A Northern Exposure. ” always says ” of “ thing north and south in the Chinese on azimuth expression and the west always says ” of the thing austral “ north, chinese is medium northeast, southeast, northwest, so southwest, translating English is “northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest” respectively. The “ in be like Chinese again 95 fold ” , flower beauty often says with a view to of Chinese of “a Five Percent Discount” is hit pay actually after folding scale, the scale of discount of English with a view to, this kind of different perspective often brings about English-Chinese language to use disparate expressive means to same thinking content. In thinking customarily east heavier integrated, and the west is heavier analysis, mirror in structure of sentence of the English on sentential structure to be core with subject and predicate, add all sorts of phrase and subordinate clause again, and Chinese pays attention to integral harmony, the center is with the verb on sentential structure, it is logistic word order with time order, transverse narrate in detail, layer upon layer advance, baconian summary. Be like: Spring Has So Much More Than Speech In Its Unfolding Flowers And Leaves, and The Coursing Of Its Streams, and In Itssweet Restless Seeking! (John Galsworthy, spring flower of The Apple Tree) is in bud, greenery slowly extend, chan of brook water Chan flows drip, happy spring, emerge stirring infinite pursuit and hope, all these pours out expression with the language hard.
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