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Semantic Differential and culture difference (2)

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(3) same a thing, biology or concept, be conveyed possibly in certain language only with a word, in another kind of language the likelihood has a few or more words are conveyed.
Popularly says, the word that represents same idea is more, acceptation distinguishs more finely. If there is “ camel ” only in Chinese a word, it is equivalent to the Camel in English, but fractionize is Dromedary (dromedary) with Bactrian Camel (Shuang Feng camel) . But allegedly, there are 400 many words to express “ camel ” in Arabic, because the camel ever was the main vehicle of most Arab. This 400 many words can distinguish the age of the camel, sexual distinction, breed, size, return OK and divisional camel even whether carry a clog on the back. Allegedly the least a word points to the camel that conceived pregnant.
When the person that uses Chinese and different culture background has communication, the meaning side that states the relative's term often understands the other side in each other can cause very great difficulty, because not all appellation can find satisfactory corresponding word. This word mixes the Linda's Brother Married Michael's Sister in English very difficult interpret becomes Chinese, because do not know Brother is the elder brother that points to Linda or little brother; Sister is the elder sister that points to Michael or little sister. In Chinese, a lot of appellations point to all sorts of particular concerns. See next tables please:
Chinese word
English word
Necessary English explains
Grandfather (mother)Grandfather Paternal Grandfather(mother)
Grandfather (mother)Grandmother Maternal Grandfather(mother0
Elder brother (elder sister)Brother Elder Brother(sister)
Younger brother (younger sister)
(Sister) YoungerBrother(sister)
UncleElder Brother
UncleYounger Brother
Husband Of Father’s Sister
Mother’s Brother
Husband Of Mother’s Sister
Elder sister's husbandHusband Of Elder Sister
Younger sister's husbandHusband Of Younger Sister
The watch lists partial relative concerns only on, as to “ grand uncle (mother-in-law) hall of ” , “ (watch) brother (sister) the ” of ” of ” of ” of ” , “ elder brother's wife, “ younger brother and sister, “ wife's younger brother, “ brother's son, “ nephew ” relative that will distinguish with more meticulous means concerns, the difficulty that causes in intercourse is greater. Hesperian is at a loss what to do to these Chinese appellation. Relative (kin) one word is gotten simply much, state with it sib concerns.
Should point out, be in need not name and with the word call that states the relative concerns when elder, press English habit, often fall one generation comes appellation. For example: Granduncle (point to the male relative with grandfather compeer) can weigh Uncle or Uncle Jim, uncle Henny. Actually, with Granduncle Liu, granduncle Chen comes this kind appellation a person, sound not quite pleasing to the ear, and a lot of Hesperian also do not like others to emphasized his going up with Grand- and so on age.
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