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Semantic Differential and culture difference (7)

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5 literary quotation
All people are talking and the character in the history, fabulous, literature or religion or incident cite when writing almost. These characters or incident are literary quotation. Use literary quotation not only but retouch language, those who make is rich and varied, vivid and clear, and make people more communicate an idea easily, the “ in Chinese true A of your this individual Q” and “ the character ” that she is Lin Daiyu type the implication of such word is very clear, need not add an explanation more. Resembling “ is presenting a bold front to conceal a weak defence so ah ” and “ are really uninteresting, let us come such walk-on ” sentence manifests the affection of talking person how adequately!
Have in Chinese and English many oral the literary quotation that circulates with the character account comes down, report holds the people of these two kinds of languages' rich culture legacy. Nevertheless, these literary quotation often understand not easily, also be hard to admire. The novel that had not read Lu Xun " A Q is being passed " (The True Story Of Ah Q) that word that A Q mentions above impossible understanding, know merely " red Lou Meng " (Dream, red Mansions) Dream Ofthe Red Chamber) roughly clue, also won't know that word that involves Lin Daiyu. The literary quotation in English also is such.
The person that a lot of English literary quotation involve and incident come from British literature treasury, especially the work of Shakespeare. The person that tells English is citing everyday the literary quotation of out Shakespeare work, but often be not self-conscious. Although of Shakespeare write at dramatically 300 old previously, but a lot of actor's lines in his play circulate up to now. Some words had become the one part of daily spoken English. For example: Forgive And Forget (forgive and forget, not bear grudges) , that’s All Greek To Me (I know nothing about this) All’s Well That Ends Well (the outcome is good good with respect to everything) , all Is Not Gold That Glitters (splendent thing is not the thing with gold interesting —— certainly differ choose a site for the capital is useful) , discretion Is The Better Part Of Valour) careful namely big brave; Considerate the excuse that surpasses brave —— this language to often regard recreant as try to explain things away when been laughed at) wait.
Have a such stories: One went up the Englishman of age, never had read the script of Shakespeare. Once, others asks him to look " Hanmulaite " (Hamlet) . After the event, the family asks him: “ how do you feel? ” he shakes shake one's head say: “ hey, not be one pile quotation! He cannot think of ” at all, these “ quotation ” come from " Hanmulaite " this play. Shakespeare is these gnomic authors. Far-reaching effect produces on the thought of the nation that Shakespeare uses a language to convey the endowment of the thought to tell English in English respect and whole world to the human insight, sensitivity to social problem and him.
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