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Semantic Differential and culture difference (9)

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But in different culture, the meaning of limbs language is not identical. Each nation has kind of different blame speech intercourse. Two questions that this chapter begin raises, the answer is negative. Nod to also can show different sense even. Nepalese, Sri Lankan and some indian and Eskimo are used nod express “ not ” . Accordingly, want to have effective communication with the foreign language, a denotive meaning waits in the sign that talking person has to know when saying some kind of language, movement, bearing.
We can observe the Arab talks with the Englishman. The Arab thinks to stand some nearlier to express according to his ethical habit friendly. The Englishman can be gone to according to British habit regressive, the distance that because he thinks,keeps proper talent is suitable. Arab forth move, english in the future is retreated. When the conversation ends, two people leave original standing room quite may far!
In this example, bilateral distance is crucial. When different people is talking, keep how old to both sides distance talent is suitable have different view. According to research, undertake socialization in the United States allegedly or when official talk, 4 kinds of distances represent 4 kinds of different cases: The relationship is close, intimate contact, general socialization, communal circumstance. Chat bilateral relationship is close, so the distance of the body makes an appointment with 45 centimeters from apart of direct bring into contact with between, this kind of distance is comfortable concern at both sides most close circumstance, concern e.g. husband and wife. The individual chats between friend, acquaintance or kin general with apart 45 ~ 80 meters advisable. When having a social activity, chat bilateral apart reachs 3 meters 1.3 meters; When work or handling affairs, on large party, the person that chat maintains 1.3 meters of distances to 2 meters commonly. In communal circumstance, apart is farther between the person that chat, if be in public discourse, the teacher is on hall lecture, they are apart from with audience very far. Majority tells English person not to like people to leave too nearly, of course, leave so that also have too far some at odds. Make from too close meeting the person feels sick, unless have a reason additionally, if express to love or encourage the other side and oneself to be close to,wait, but this is other one thing. Remember this are very important.
More or less contact of body of conversational both sides differs because of culture and each different. In this on one hand, a findings report provided a few interesting numbers. Inquirer is in each district university or the scene when two people are sitting to talk alone watchs in the shop around, every time at least one hour, write down below two people to touch the number of the other side: British capital London (O) ; American Florida city builds Ensiweier (2) ; French capital Paris (10) ; Moustache of emperor of Puerto Rico metropolis is installed (180) . These digital itself very show an issue.
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