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Semantic Differential and culture difference (8)

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Still 23 problems and this concerns: Some convey means hereat meaning to fumble in English. If the someone says: I’m Going Out. (I should go out. ) that does not ask he goes where again. If he (she) say: I Have An Appointment. (I have a date. ) ask to date with who again, it is what appointment, improper. Same, if a woman says she headaches, others also need not worry too, do not ask: After all how uncomfortable, otherwise should eat bit of what medicine and so on. She is really uncomfortable, meet what say with you likely. Should clear, do not be willing to do the what thing, invitation that do not enter some kind of activity or rejects others when people when, often plead with the above-listed view, lest what people asks the word again.
The no-no language in English develops somewhat of late, already included those distaining socially the vocabulary of certain person and diction. People notices those sexual distinction that be called discriminate against language and language of the colour bar especially, more sensitive to this. Add a specification slightly with respect to this two respects now.
Current, sexual distinction discriminates against a language to basically point to the language that despises a woman. In certain society, the language that lady's language and man use has distinction. In another some of society. The language has advanced, elementary branch, the woman can use vulgar language only. American woman studies the sexual distinction in English discriminates against a phenomenon above all. They discover: The language can affect people the manner to the woman, and English is the language that is a center with the man, partial male, debase a female. E.g. , talk no matter or write an article, when mentioning the person with unidentified sexual distinction, uniform use He and need not She. Presiding person, even if woman, call Chairman, such appellation of occurrence Madamchairman of as a result. The historical ” that the history that is in one “ world is the mankind in this word, “ mankind ” calls Mankind, need not Womankind. The derogatory sense word of the woman that expresses to close strung behavior to be not pulled in the couple is far relatively the derogatory sense word of the man that expresses to do a men and women to concern in disorder is much. Same, prostitute (hooter) synonym is far also than Whoremon - Ger (go whoring guest) synonym is much. These phenomena make clear, in respect of relation of male and female, people is more good-tempered to the man. If boy or man have female look, the to bring derogatory sense slightly Sissy that says (the boy that the girl enrages, effeminate man) , if the conduct behavior of girl or girl resembles boy or boy, it is with respect to what say contain commendatory Tomboy (boy, like the boy mischievous girl) .
There also is discrimination woman appearance in Chinese. Once upon a time, people thinks the woman is benighted, the position is low, for instance of “ woman see man of ” , “ is different the attitude that the word of and so on of ” of woman lower oneself to the same level as sb reflected woman of people look down upon. The husband calls the wife the ” in Home “ , “ wife ” to wait, the person that shows wife no more than is work of housework of dry in the home spot just. In addition, the destiny of the wife and social class depend on completely the husband. Common saying says: “ husband sings Fu to follow ” , mirrorred this kind to depend on relation.
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