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Elegant think of a vocabulary to remember a method

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One, memorial amount
Elegant think of a vocabulary to be in 46 class vocabulary (5, 500) increase on the foundation 1, 500 or so vocabulary. Specific elegant think of a vocabulary to consult new east is published " newest elegant think of a vocabulary necessary " (include 4, 6 class vocabulary) wait for lexical book.

2, because of different of from time to time
Half an year or attend inside a year elegant the student that considers an exam:
Essence of life carries 46 class vocabulary on the back, accomplish hear read write master entirely; Anthology the back is elegant think of a vocabulary, accomplish can react quickly a Chinese meaning.
Attend inside 3 months elegant the student that considers an exam:
Choose a back 46 class vocabulary, back of essence of life is elegant think of a vocabulary.
Two weeks of students to the to take an examination inside a month:
Him basis has a level, alternative energy carries 46 class vocabulary on the back or elegant think of a vocabulary, but a week before the attention is being taken an examination of is not being carried on the back painstakingly remember any new words, and the vocabulary that should turn round to will been carried on the back is reviewed well.

3, memorial method
1. Use root affix to remember a vocabulary
Elegant think of learning kind the vocabulary that appears in the exam besides daily vocabulary, still have many science kind vocabulary, and these learning kind the vocabulary comes from Hellenic, Latin commonly. Want understanding to root, affix can be known and remember these words only, to make so oneself vocabulary is in short-term inside expand quickly, can remember a few common root, affix centrally. About common root, affix, can consult " elegant think of exam augment vocabulary to read " . For example, the meaning that knows root Cur runs for " " (meaning of extend the meaning produces " for " ) hind, it is not difficult to know and remember following vocabulary: Occur (happen, undertake) Current (is current, popular) Excursion (excurse) Recur (appears again, appear repeatedly) Concur (appear at the same time, agree) .
2. Use vocabulary of the memory that disobey order
Law of the alleged memory that disobey order, those who point to is terminal and same word concentration is remembered. This kind of term is average terminal and special, and the amount should center memory lesser. For example, the statement with Ique ending is elegant in thinking of, involve have: Unique(is distinctive) Technique (technology, method) Physique(constitution, constitution) Antique (old, of ancient formula, antique) Boutique (fashionable dress shop) . With Ique ending come from French commonly, it is noun or adjective commonly.
3. Be remembered through reading and consolidate vocabulary
Go up through reading foreign authoritative magazine with elegant think of read the article with article similar photograph, be like the article on Economist, understand according to context and remember important vocabulary.
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