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How to raise English audition

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In English study, answer hard to raise audition. So OK hearing of have the aid of, many, apace reviews has learned word and word group, enlarge intellectual face on this foundation, master the different usage of same word morely, rise read speed and savvy. Below author him basis is close practice of two years, talk about a bit experience that increasing audition respect with English autodidact.   
Want to raise audition, answer to listen to proceed with of education audition tape from how above all, be like tape of teaching material of learns textbook tape, spoken language, also can choose listen suit or summary him prep above interesting stuff of the level. No matter be essence of life,be extensive listens, had better begin not to read literal material. Essence of life listens should listen to recording content to end from the beginning first, again understand not the place listens over and over repeatedly. If some of place is understood really not, also answer to listen to each syllable clear as far as possible, turn over a book to have a look again next, the new word that some influences understand can look up a dictionary. Add up to submit a written statement to a higher authority to listen to end from the beginning again then, until can understand entire content till. Train through such audition, can make oneself raise differentiate sound and audition savvy. If had read written material to listen to recording again, often be auditive in differentiate sound, however cerebrum is in thinking, recital, if look at written material to listen, often be oneself is subvocal, such short of raise the goal of audition, when encountering new material, can understand again not.   

Essence of life listens had better be the essay that chooses education recording and clue of thing having friend or popular science essay; Extensive listens to be able to choose a few spoken language teaching material or a few interesting conte, make oneself contact recording material more, in an attempt to is familiar with English pronunciation, enlarge intellectual face, raise audition. Extensive listens but over- , should understand only probably the meaning went. If understand not, can come over rehear, still understand not, break up to deliver a letter, continue to listen. New material listens in the first when, must sedulous, the thinking that lets oneself catchs up with each syllable. When every halt, can relapse in brain. Listen in the center encounter a new word not to stop to think more, because some new words are OK,understand in whole content. Some new words do not affect understanding meaning, need not be in charge of, stop want, affect instead listen to the content below. Listen the frequency as recording material wants to repeat with English in the head when sound, and speed should drill so that can catch up with collection velocity of sound is spent, cannot the edge listens edge interpreter. Want difficulty to comparative only commonly, can hear clear major word, it is understandable of its carelessness.    
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