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The 6 big principles of English study

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English study should be abided by the following 6 big principles. These principles are sex of ' of ' common sense. Place of Lincoln of president of United States of no less than says: A person must decide according to the commonsensible ' with language, logic and simple ' problem and the operation that build his plan. In the process that learns English, you are done according to constant manage, you succeed possibly. You violated constant put in order, succeed impossibly. Of course, still depended on successfully your ' tries hard ' .

(one) simple principle

Learn English: From simple beginning
Apply English: Simple - good, simpler - the better, simplest - best

The accession that attends a college, english teacher makes us many read English. Some classmates borrow origianl work, the first page looks to have 20 a few new words, the 2nd page still had a few 20 …… to arrive the 5th page already did not know cloud of place of the first page; What is going to what before the 10th page already did not know 9 pages tell. Read become unusual hardship and drab, experience less than having any results, read English origianl work to turn Cha Ying into the language dictionary, course that remembers a new word, become a hard job. Accordingly very few somebody can hold on, abandoned. Among them somebody made effort the 2nd times again, the result still abandons. Does the reason where? I think it violated the constant put in order of ' successive ' .

' of alleged ' successive is about to beg you from ' simple ' begins. Study, use English should abide by simple principle. In those days, from English by chance simple and easy reader begins me. Now, the ' of ' simple and easy reader that there is a lot of to cover an origianl work logogram to become in the bookshop. I read those reading matter that with 500 ~ 800 poetry simplified a book becomes first, read the reading matter that with 800 ~ 1500 poetry simplified a book becomes again later, read later again with 1500 ~ I can read the work …… of 2500 poetry simplified a book go in, because I was understood; Understood sense is particularly good. When a person had achievement to feel self-confident heart was born, stronger and stronger, also generated larger interest. English literature work of the foreign country seems the nation that led me to walk into to differ, a different culture, a different life, knew a few different friends. Going into the culture of other type, life, character, a kind of intense be charmed arose in the process of custom, a kind of strong desire. Want to read all the time!

Conform to the principle of simplicity to begin oddly only, ability is easy introduction, just produce ' interest ' easily, just have the thing easily going down. English is read should abide by ' of ' simple principle, listen, say, write answer from the simplest beginning, because simple principle has huge advantage:

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