Ministry of Foreign Affairs to train young translation courage to push new at

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Translation of Foreign Affairs Jiang Jiang, director of the border and Ocean Affairs, Deputy Director Yu Jing Ouyang, Chao Sheng Translation Office Director fees, boundary and Ocean Affairs Office Director Chen Hongbing overall coordination (the first "Youth May Fourth Medal of the central state organs model "title winner) into the People's studio this morning to" talk about youth culture to understand and love "as the theme to interact with users. Jiang Jiang described in the interviews, some comrades in the translation made rapid progress, we feel that if he has this ability, we should stick to one pattern, "In recent years we have a lot of translation gay very young, 20 years old, but bear very important work. " "Of course not to say pushed, our training is over, we have to follow, we send young people to work as a translator, they often will send some of the old comrades to see his live performance, back then told him, Where a good turn, which local needs improvement. through continuous observation of the translation of our more mature. So, for young gay, as long as conditions permit, he enough for this level, and to boldly use. "Jiang Jiang said, . In addition, Jiang Jiang also pointed out that the Foreign Ministry attaches great importance in developing the details of young gay culture. For example for young people to translate the first draft of a letter wrong, and missed playing the word, the comrades in charge of training that must be timely. Jiang Jiang then cites a vivid example to illustrate the attention to detail: "We translated the banquet menu, a man called fruit ice cream, this thing looks easy, it is the fruity ice cream, or fruit plate both have put ice cream, a detail reflects our precise level, for such a menu, ask our staff dedicated chefs, was found inside a piece of ice cream in this dish, but also fruit, so we translated it is the fruit and ice cream, this detail reflects our attitude a small detail, the success of the whole event is very important. "
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