Yang Chen to take into account translation

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Ke Xian said the German major, will speak a little English, so worried about the outside world, and Ke Xian in the exchange there will be some problems. Of course, because Yang Chen in, these issues seemed to be solved, Yang Chen will be German, the future he may have to shoulder more of the role of mouthpiece. In fact, did not come to China before the Chinese players would have thought Ke Xian speak English, but came, he discovered, not as he imagined. "I can communicate in English and the players, of course, and Yang Chen, I can also speak German, he is my team and I have a bridge between." From the Ke Xian's words can also be seen, Yang Chen, who is also the assistant coach will be and translation of two jobs. Interestingly, before coming to Nanjing, Ke Xian also done some work, he offered to pull up the relations with China, "I know that Super League will begin next April, and I already know how his name in Chinese written. "Obviously, Ke Xian want to integrate into the Chinese culture.
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