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English ace is necessary: Remember a word such by hook and crook

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With - Eed: Hello (Feed) is raised (Breed) behavior (Deed) really (Indeed) needs (Need) bulrush (Reed) seed (Seed) fireweed (Weed) .
With - Lame: Limp is sufficient (Lame) blame (Blame) blaze (Flame) .
With - Edge: Wedge (Wedge) fence (Hedge) assures (Pledge) has a side (Edge) .
With B-tter: Butter (Butter) is sufferred from (Bitter) a bit (Bit) is better (Better) .
With - Eam: Team (the beam in Team) (Beam) has break (Seam) .
With - Heat: Cheater (the wheat of Cheat) (Wheat) heats (Heat) can eat (Eat) .
With Do-e: Dove (Dove) takes drug (Dose) catnap (Doze) .
With - Ridge: Bridge bridge bridge (Bridge) has bridge (Ridge) , if bridge adds fluorine (F~ homophonic) it is freezer (Fridge) , if bridge is broken (Por- homophonic) drink rare boiling water (rare soup namely congee Porridge) .
With - Ttle: Bottle (Bottle) is brittle (because Brittle) fights (Battle) , small bottle (although Kettle) is small (Little) finds a place for (Settle) draught animals (Cattle) .
With - Est strings together write down: Best (Best) pest (Pest) incubate (Nest) on the west (West) , for fear that (Lest) checks (Test) waists-coat (Vest) beyond (Rest) .
With - Mulate strings together write down: Pretend to be (Simulate) is imitate (Simulate) , add T to become stimulation (Stimulate) . Plan (Formulate) is a form (Form) , add (Ac-) is become accumulate (Accumulate) .
With S-eam: Brook (Stream) vapour (Steam) is seamed (wave in Seam) , have excrement (S homophonic) butter (Cream) should scream (Scream) .
With F-m: Farm (Farm) is hard (Firm) company (Firm) , come from (From) bubble (Foam) form (Form) .
With - Ock: Cock (Cock) dress anklet (Sock) goes, derisive (Mock) rock (Rock) is locked up (Lock) dock (Dock) .
With - Culate: Of circuit circle (Circula-→circular) just circulates (Circulate) , only but (Cal~ homophonic) computation relying on ability (Calculate) . Be good at expression (Articulate) has art (Art) , spec (Speculate) is special (Spec-→special) relies on to conclude (Speculate) .

…… in all more than 700, involve a word 2000 many.

2, 4 letters kind
String together with Ac~e write down: Every acre (Acre) cropland was to suffer ache (Ache) must come.
String together with ~ace write down: Face (Face) fertilizer is dead, bootlace (Lace) strangle, pace (Pace) matchs dead, the match is phyletic (Race) is Swiss —— fine two words are corresponding homophonic.
String together with ~ack write down: Gunny-bag (Sack) is lacked (Lack) hangs content to wear (Rack) , of backside (Back) laps (Pack) wants bundle up (Pack) .
String together with ~age write down: Calm birdcage (Cage) norms (Gage) standard (Gage) , read every page (Page) salary (Wage) is indignant (Rage) .
String together with ~ail write down: Rail (Rail) tail (Tail) cannot be dragged, fingernail (Nail) pail (Pail) can be defeated only (Fail) . Jail (Jail) cheers (Hail) hail (Hail) comes, mail (Mail) mail (Mail) is used nautical (Sail) .
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