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How to listen to English song to learn English

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English study is so old, if ask the question of a “How To Study” , metropolis respecting should notice everybody accumulate vocabulary, firm control syntactic regulation, read ability, much read, say to wait more. Actually, still have a kind of way that learns English, that is to listen to sing English song more more.
You can fasten song of small look English. English song rich and colorful, the language is beautiful, pleasant, resemble Carpenter's “Yesterday Once More” , there is distressed air on magnetic throat, have that “When I Was Young more, I Listened To The Radio…” , as if place oneself is reluctant to leave indefinitely at the past in. Even if be “What Ever Will Be, the words of song that Will Be” knows easily so simply, also can arrive in order to make you are experienced from which simple life philosophic theory.

Of course, those who enjoy music is boundless and wonderful the brief refine profundity with experience libretto is one of purposes only, another very main reason is it can help you learn culture of speech, vocabulary, sentence pattern, syntactic, history, exercise your language intercourse ability.

1.Sing learn phonetics

Libretto is poetic language, phonic Jian Yiming, rhythm is lively, clang strong. Learning libretto is the most effective speech exercise. Sing English song to pay attention to bite the word, clarity that say a word, sing with word belt, need a province sound, successive wait for speech knowledge. The person that this sings with respect to need is special the attention is speech, tonetic. If full music of children song London's Burning has 4 only: London's Burning, london's Burning. Fetch The Engines. Fetch The Engines. Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Pour On Water. Pour On Water.

What this song writes is 1666 the conflagration of London, liao Liao comes out several sentences with respect to the occasion depict everybody fire fighting, and the sentence is fluent, legible. Through learning this kind of libretto, accent, accent, read repeatedly, a lot of speech difficulty such as rhythm got training, speech dialect also can get bigger rise.

2.Sing learn a vocabulary

Learning to sing is the tweak that deepens memory. Jian Lian of English song vocabulary, meaningful, modern word ” mixes the “ that has a lot of popularity to convey a law purely, also can enlarge a vocabulary. If obtain,the “One Sweet Day” of Grammy award had such words of song in a song 1996: “I Know Eventually We'll Be Together…” , you can know the adverbial form that Eventually is Eventual gradually, wanted you to remember this words of song only, eventually you perhaps meet this term all one's life unforgettable.

3.Sing learn sentence pattern

Learn to sing to also can study a lot of sentence pattern, such example too numerous to mention one by one, if be in “I Swear” in this libretto, have such sentence: I Swear, like The Shadow That's By Your. For instance: You Give Me Wings, making Mefly. You Touch My Head And Could Touch The Sky. Still have There Be sentence pattern: There Is Place In Your Heart.
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