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Ying Yihan applies Chinese to convey the process that come out or result thoroughly afresh namely. In translating a process, notable is: What need expression in the interpreter is the content of sentence or article, is not a structure; In 2 interpreters process, not be the structure two kinds of languages has simple transition. The interpreter's process is divided commonly to read embellish of expression of understanding, Chinese and careful school 3 phase. Common method has:
One, parts of words turns interpret law

Because English and Chinese are the different language system with very old different of two horizontally pivoted hung, go up to be put in very big difference in language structure and expressive means so, this asks we are right textual the syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech of medium a few terms undertakes changing (be like: Noun of verbal translate into, noun of adjectival translate into) , ability makes translation expedite. For example:

The Modern World Is Experiencing Rapid Development Of Science And Technology.

The science and technology of current world is developing quickly.

[Analysis] will sentence medium adjectival Rapid turns interpret is the adverb in Chinese.

2, supplementary law

If some English words and expressions is translated according to the meaning of literal, idea is half-baked, need fibrous root is occupied meaning, rhetorical or the need of syntax is a few more supplementary Chinese, ability is more faithful at textual, make textual idea wholer ground emersion. For example:

We Need Clean Air, but Unfortunately, air Pollution Is Generally Present, especially In Cities.

We need fresh air, but regretful is, air pollutes widespread presence, in the city especially such.

[Analysis] this sentence it is especially to avoid “ in the city the expression of ” is not complete, increased “ such ” .

3, the law that save interpret

Because English and Chinese are using the difference on word and syntactic structure, textual medium certain word if metaphrase comes out to be able to make translation appears burdensome, do not accord with the expression of Chinese to be used to. Below this kind of circumstance, be about to omit the leave out such as a few article, pronoun, preposition or conjunction not interpret, but cannot affect textual meaning expression. For example:

There Was No Snow, the Leaves Were Gone From The Trees, the Grass Was Dead.

The day did not snow, dan Xie take to the greenwood is withered.

[Analysis] the idea in ” of Xie La of the “ in Chinese is very clear, save interpret so From The Trees.

4, suitable interpret law

The administrative levels that conveys according to English that is to say is ordinal, sentence of ordinal interpreter English, make translation and English agree basically textually orderly thereby. For example:
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