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(achieve formerly) Japanese study error -- learn grammar

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We do not have discovery probably, study meeting effect with premature grammar too much our Japanese studies the effect. Teacher of a lot of Japanese is fond of very much to abecedarian ” of tuitional “ は is mixed the distinction of “ が ” , actually this was not necessary to know to a lot of people. The truth is very actually simple, syntactic reopen mouth should consider first when who talks.

Be fastened with tuitional language body and our major text book is written. Cite a case, when making self introduction, the illustrative sentence on textbook is commonly: す of で of illicit は tanaka. す of で of 員 of illicit は meeting company. ” of す of で of ~ of は of し of “ わ た . Grammar is without a problem, but I had not listened to a Japanese to had made self introduction so, the someone says, I am some company is such-and-such. Turn over schoolbook such text that writes for grammar and dialog, it is everywhere. The funniest is, student of a morning encounters a teacher, with the conversation that the teacher has, ask a teacher the morning ate what meal, there is what person in the home is the problem of individual privacy entirely etc. Its undertook teacher and not tire of irritatedly reply. Say a few parting words of this kind of meeting says to be in Japan, the country happens impossibly also in which. To teach a few grammar, make up an a few out of thin air things, it is very irresponsible practice.

Just began to teach this kind of grammar that does not have any use value, it is the corrupt practice with old existence of Japanese education group. Its reason is for the teacher teach easily, is not for the student convenient learn, because the teacher writes textbook, the convenience that is first him consideration of course. The takes no account of service object and guest demand of other industry of this and China, consider oneself convenient circumstance be exactly the same only, can saying is system issue.

From another angle for, the student also does not like to learn grammar, they also are have no alternative, because the exam has very large one part to want to take an examination of grammar, to take tall fraction, even if do not like, perhaps did not use at all, also must want to learn. Include the examination such as 1 class exam, approve examination paper to go to the lavatory, in give the existence on the problem to wear a lot of problems, this was going up objectively to also affect normal study of the student.

Since such, whether need not learn idiom way. Syntactic study is not actually difficult, 5 paragraphs of work that want to be able to master a verb only are used, the grammar of other is like and do not spend too much energy.

The hope masters the friend of Japanese truly, offer a piece of advice everybody, taking syntactic book not always to look, had better put energy in recite and on audition exercise, such your ability learn to have the Japanese of vitality truly quite.
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