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1.Leave Sb The Choice Of. . . Or. . . Or … , or…(choose kind classical sentence)

Our Cruel And Unrelenting Enemy Leaves Us The Choice Of Brave Resistance Or The Most Abject Submission.

The enemy is marble / ironhearted, our or resists tenaciously, or bend one's knees surrenders.

The Age Of 30s Leaves You The Choice Of Marriage Or Remaining A Bachelor.

Pass 30, or gets married, or is lone.

2.The person that Be The Instrument Of Sth draws something other people or thing (make move kind classical sentence)

The Eyes Of All Our Countrymen Are Now Upon Us, and We Shall Have The Blessings And Praises, if Happily We Are The Instruments Of Saving Them From The Tyranny Meditated Against Them.

Countrywide brethren is paying close attention to us, if we have favour to be able to save them to break away from,force the despotic rule at the body, that will get bless and be glorificationed their.

The organization that he builds makes he broke down finally stage.

The Organization He Had Built Up Eventually Became The Instrument Of His Downfall.

Can make you happy, I am willing to pay everything my.

If I Can Be The Instrument Of Your Happiness, I Will Sacrifice All My Belongings.

3.Restrospect to of It Was The Memory / Memories Of…(memory kind classical sentence)

Perhaps It Was The Memories Of The 1964 Tokyo Olympics And The 1988 Seoul Olympics, which Were Considered Turning Points In Their Nations' Development.

Tokyo reached restrospect to 1964 the Olympic Games that Seoul held 1988, the likelihood is regarded as the turning point that day Han two countries grows respectively.

It Was The Memory Of 1945 Hiroshima And Nagasaki Suffered From The Attacks Of Atomic Bomb, from Which Originated The Term Of "Zero Ground" .

Hiroshima and Nagasaki sufferred restrospect to 1945 atom bomb attack, formed “ thereby 0 regions ” this term.

4.On The Premise / Ground / Prerequisite / Proposition / Hypothesis / Presuposition That is based on a premise…(suppose kind classical sentence)

When Chinese government is announcing to implement the policy with uniform peace, it is to be based on a premise, namely the Taiwan authorities at that time holds to the world to go up to have a China only, taiwan is one part of China.

The Chinese Declared To Implement The Policy Of Peaceful Reunification On The Premise That The Then Taiwan Authorities Maintained That There Is Only One China In The World And Taiwan Is Only One Part Of China.

Advice To Investors Was Based On The Premise That Interest Rates Would Continue To Fall.

It is to the proposal of investor can continue to drop with interest rate those who be a basis.

5.Sure … of Be Bound To; Certain…(apiration kind classical sentence)

Big development can make a bridge of communication world each country and China certainly western, stimulative China and world economy grow jointly, flourish jointly.
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