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Oral interpretation meet an emergency is politic

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Oral interpretation is to show viva voce conveys means to change primitive message activity of a kind of of information of the language that it is interpret extemporaneous interpreter. The main task of translator is it is a tool with the language, agency effect has between the person that different language communicates, the language that uses clear Xiao Chang comes out the intent expression of addresser, help intercourse both sides overcomes language obstacle.

Colloquial language is to carry air transmission, of written in water, this decided oral interpretation activity has: Spot sex, seasonable sex and time limit sex.

The person that this 3 big features of oral interpretation decided translator is impossible to resemble written translation in that way, enough time fathoms ponder textual, more cannot “ stand, chi of month of a period of ten days footprints ” . It understands the intention of talking person correctly only, quickly decipher and encode, ” of final “ have an outstanding eloquence. To accomplish this, translator should have ability of thinking of very strong savvy, foreign language, mother tongue to express ability, wide knowledge range, rich practice experience not only, still must have capacity of good meet an emergency.

Ability of so called meet an emergency, those who point to is translator is not affecting primitive main message, do not affect addresser on the foundation of main intent, undertake adjustment to primitive appropriately, handle the difficulty in good primitive appropriately, make its more accord with at that time local case is mixed circumstance, make intercourse undertakes smoothly.

Li Yue like that (1987: 26) once pointed out, the factor that affects oral interpretation activity has conditionality element and free factor, interaction of these two kinds of elements, it is between twinking each other are changed each other. When translator is engaged in the changeover of different language, it is on one hand must emersion primitive, it is on the other hand how emersion primitive. Former it is to restrict an element, translator is in appurtenant position; Latter is free element, translator is in relative own position. When accepting exterior language information, restricting an element is authoritative, it is information input, translator passivity.

But the language is changed at the beginning, appurtenant go up in certain level translate into is own, free element is opposite authority, there is quite a few in passivity active. And the explicit expression that ability of oral interpretation meet an emergency is this kind of initiative, strategy of meet an emergency is used at guidance the strategy of this one ability.

Oral interpretation sort includes oral interpretation of judicial oral interpretation, business affairs oral interpretation, diplomacy oral interpretation, science and technology to wait a moment. Accordingly, from theoretic say, the oral interpretation circumstance that differs to answer and different oral interpretation job, translator must be the encyclopedia ”(Walking Encyclopedia) with a vivid “ , want two kinds of languages that involve in activity of perfectness oral interpretation not only, and the understanding that should have profundity to the culture that these two kinds of insitute of languages involve, in the meantime, translator also should have the knowledge such as rich economy, politics, business affairs, history, geographical, philosophy. But, wanting real ground to accomplish this is very difficult. Differencing in profession makes one feel worlds apart like “ of a common saying ” . Then, translator is in the process of oral interpretation,
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