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The metaphor in economic English reachs an interpreter

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Metaphor regards a kind of distinctive language as the mechanism, early become philosopher, linguist before more than 2000 years people research target. Arrive 300 years from BC 20 centuries of 30 time 2000 old in, metaphor is regarded to be a kind of on term administrative levels rhetorical means merely all the time, it is a kind of “ additional ” , dispensable “ decorates ” . 20 centuries 30 time, of Lichasi " rhetorical philosophy " (first time of The Philosophy Of Rhetoric) regards metaphor as semantic phenomenon, put sentential administrative levels to make an on-the-spot investigation.

1980, the metaphor research monograph that writing of peace treaty of husband of Lai take an examination ofing inferiors " the metaphor that our Lai Yisheng puts " (Metaphors We Live By) was broken through regard a kind of word as metaphor (language)

The replaces each other research train of thought between, think metaphor is a kind of rhetorical method not just, and it is a kind of cognitive method and thinking means. nowhere is absent metaphor in daily life. We bilk the daily idea system that acts with undertaking the thought is mixed, be in substantially basic also it is metaphorical (Lakoff &Johnson, 1980: 4) .

Traditional point of view thinks, in the literary work such as poetry, novel, put in the metaphor with many move. And in the introduction, rigorous, objective text that treats technical knowledge, not allow to make metaphor it seems that of language of this kind of boast act the role ofing appear. This kind of view, investigate its germ, because regard metaphor as a kind of rhetorical method merely,still be. Since metaphor is a kind of cognitive method and thinking means, it is in the domain with this one opposite abstraction, professional economy, people should be met the economic appearance that uses the experience domain that holds relatively familiarly, easily to understand abstraction, economy is academic. In fact, with document of science and technology, there is many metaphor in economic document. The article aims to discuss the way to deal with a situation of connotation of the cognitive function of economic metaphor, culture and its interpreter.

One, the cognitive function of economic metaphor and its culture connotation

Metaphor is two different and semantic domains is interactive, among them some domain is used to show another field. The field that is shown is called target land with certain boundaries (Target Domain) , demonstrative domain is called source field (Source Domain) . The understanding of metaphor meaning is the experience map source domain actually to target land with certain boundaries, achieve the goal that meets feature of target land with certain boundaries afresh thereby. For example, be in early 18 centuries, adam Smith is in its economics composing " national wealth " (The Wealth Of Nation) in one book, compare economic life medium-counts to match capital intersected to cannot tell force with the hand ”(invisible Hand) with aeriform “ , later extend the meaning operates for economic phenomenon backside the rule that economy changes. The hand here is source domain, unknowable force or rule are target land with certain boundaries. Both the function that the similar sex between is operating at its.
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