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Shallow the accuracy that talks about interpreter of English of business affairs

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Of globalization of alive bound economy and unifinication today, the interpreter regards economy as the bridge of association, its place is prominent with each passing day. China since reforming and opening, as frequent as association of foreign economy technology, especially after China joins World Trade Organization, more can as frequent as the business affairs activity between business of organization of each country trade, company, the application of business affairs contract is even more wide also. Business affairs contract (Business Contract) it is the business affairs goal with implementation is stated between natural person or legal person, decide mutual right and compulsory bond by the plan that proper legal procedures reachs, it makes an appointment with each to just have legal sanction to the autograph. Having legal effectiveness because of the contract, the contract is bilateral must strict the agreement according to the contract, fulfil oneself obligation in the round, this drinks with respect to the literal pour word that needs a contract sentence, do one's best is accurate without by accident. In the meantime, accuracy also is the main demand that translates to English of business affairs contract.
Accuracy wants namely faithful and textual, must keep textual concern with the equivalence between translation. This is the inaccuracy that translates because of business affairs contract, the just right that often loses, erroneous with a thousand li. The interpreter of business affairs contract uses word-for-word translation, honest cannot the ability of metaphrase adopts free translation. This should master adroitly with respect to requirement translator textual with translation the similarities and differences on structure of two kinds of languages is nodded, carry out accurate language changeover. The accuracy that the article drafts to be translated with respect to English of business affairs contract is made one time from face of the following all directions discuss, in order to advise with colleague.
1, of accidence accurate
Of 1.1 acronym accurate. Acronym is to show by the first letter of trunk word place is formed. This is the result that people makes in using a process, evolve gradually in long-term business affairs.
Acronym is used extensively with the characteristic of its standard, compendious, economic time. For example:
The confirmed irrevocable is beneficiary beneficiary with Chinese ocean transport company L/C that does not have recourse, contract goods is all payment for goods is pound, add carriage receipt to be discussed to the Bank of China of port of shipment by sight draft pay.
By Confirmed, irrevocable L/C Without Recourse In Favour Of COSCO For The Total Value Of The Contracted Goods In Poundssterling, payable At Sight Against Presentation Of Shipping Documents To The Bank Of China In The Port Of Loading.
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