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The interpreter is to use a kind of language (interpret language) text will replace another kind of language (primitive) the process of text, namely the course that language symbol changes. In this process, after the symbol of primitive is changed into the symbol of corresponding interpret language, can be held the person place of interpret language understands. To achieve a such goals, should notice in translating a process equivalent problem. The “ letter that Yan Fu offers, amount to, the interpreter standard of elegant ” , among them the equivalence sex that “ believes ” to point to an interpreter namely, namely translation is conveyed correctly textual medium information. Accordingly, the central problem that translates practice seeks the equivalence class status of interpret language namely. What pursue according to translating the place in the process is equivalent disparate arrangement of ideas and level, the type that can differ its classify. List kinds of a few commonly used a few kinds of interpreters below through example:
One, interpreter type
1.Speech interpreter
Speech interpreter is translation is mixed textual equivalent on speech interpret law. Write record method to record the pronunciation of source language with the book of interpret language according to the regulation of transliteration. Translation do one's best maintains textual pronunciation, but in the word characteristic that goes up to retain interpret set phrase and habit. There are a lot of words that such classics speeches are translated and get in Chinese for example, be like coffee (Coffee) , sofa (Sofa) , TOEFL (TOEFL) , Internet (Internet) .
2. word interpreter
Word interpreter is to press a word model learn a principle, translation and textual the interpret law in word good value. the language that identical to using letter writes a system, its mutual the word between interpreter investigate its turn namely at all written process.
But between Chinese and western phoneticize language word turn interpret is very infrequent, the reason depends on the difference between these two kinds of characters namely how old. Although existing to cite name of the alien that use a country or term of a few major directly in the professional document of a few Chinese currently, often spell with the letter directly and need not Chinese character, but this is expedient only.
Above law of two kinds of interpret, it is foundation and jumping-off place with textual pronunciation, those who reflect is equivalence sex the interpreter method on lexical level, because this is general,Yi Ke calls transliteration wraparoundly. Hereat contrary, some interpret law takes no account of textual pronunciation, and the equivalence sex that is translation of foundation and jumping-off place pursuit with the sense that its convey, say normally for free translation. Basically have the following kinds of kinds:
3. is word-for-word:
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