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Middle term of each other interpret collects shallow Tan Yinghan vacant phenomen

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In English-Chinese interpreter, a kind of language can make clear the thing of the mark with single term, another kind of language should go around in circles possibly however ability expression, this is a vocabulary is vacant. For example, babel of Tower Of Barbel () . " Bible " on say, god is in that city is roily human language, disperse them to world each district, because this city is called cling to not (cling to do not be in Hebraic in as similar as confused pronunciation. Show Chang Yu to show “ is ideal, ” of a castle in the air. Do not understand western culture, had not browsed " Bible " translator understands its implication very hard possibly truly. With Tower Of Barbel era shows this one phenomenon is a castle in the air English place is peculiar, existing in Chinese vacant. If translator does not understand a vocabulary vacant phenomenon, will naturally give it is difficult to cross culture intercourse to bring.
For this, be necessary to understand the reason that about the vocabulary vacant phenomenon produces. The account that produces this one phenomenon is diversiform.
One of, by surroundings, the difference of experience of life causes: Language often the report of objective world, people lives in what kind of environment, can produce what kind of language. Be like, there are a lot of vocabularies and snow in the language of the Eskimo relevant. Be in our country, having a meal is the topic that people often discusses, when people sees, total love says: Had “ eaten? ” is in usually, talking person did not care obedient person to eat a meal very, just hit an accost to stop. But had if ask about “ to the Englishman,eaten? ” he above all reaction is “ how, had not eaten you to you can ask me to eat? ” returns a likelihood to produce allergy to inquiry person sometimes, how “ does, meet to ask I eat, did not eat to your what issue involve again? ” appeared in Chinese a lot of have a meal around “ the term that ” problem place builds and expressive law, for instance we say ”(lead An Idle Life) of “ lead an idle life, “ is very popular ”(be Very Popular) , ”(more Than One Can Stand of “ be unable to stand, too Much) is waited a moment, interpret becomes English cannot word word is corresponding.
Alleged surroundings and problem of experience of life, still involve the person in specific language culture or thing. In language of avery kind of, have the expressive way closely related many figures that use this language together only. For instance, there is what “ Pan Gu opens ” of heaven and earth to say in Chinese, among them ” of “ Pan Gu is the character in Chinese fokelore, the meaning that this name place has is a kind of unique idolum. In the language culture of consist in China. Same, regard western culture as fountainhead " Bible " also be western place particular, and " Bible " medium character Cain (this concealed) now already extend the meaning is ” of incomplete of photograph of “ flesh and blood, accept for common people place, all culture heritage that these already became Euramerican person. To the Chinese, these are the individual character of Euramerican culture, with Chinese culture each other not photograph be in harmony. When translating this kind of work, translator often wants compensatory specification or the add note method in article of have the aid of, ability is clear about original intention explanation. For instance, the Chinese has what eat a zhongzi in dragon boat festival is consuetudinary, transliterate the zhongzi into the word of Zongzi, hesperian is to cannot learn its to be content, might as well at this moment add further explanatory Dumpling Made Ofglutinous Rice Wrapped In Bamboo Or Reed Leaves, can make not the Hesperian that saw with one's own eyes has seen a zhongzi has full idea to its.
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