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Semantic Differential and culture difference (3)

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(4) the different culture connotation of the word meets those who make make the person arises associate
Above all, idealist and Materialist these two English words often are misunderstood. If do not have specific context, former normally interpret makes “ idealist ” , normally interpret makes latter “ materialist ” . In philosophical composing, law of this kind of interpret may be right. Nevertheless, these two words often use the meaning that expresses to differ completely. Look please below a derivative in actual conversation paragraph:
“She Has Always Been An Idealist. So You Can Understand Why She Turned Down A Good Job Offer To Work Among Refugee Immigrants And Low - Income Groups After She Got Her Degree In Social Sindies. ” (she goes after “ all along oneself ideal. Accordingly, understandable, after she gets sociological degree, rejected a very good job, the job goes in the estate that the immigrant that arrives to come to the United States hard however counteracts low income. ” )
Apparent, the “ in this paragraph of word the person that her ” is the ideal that devotes oneself to him implementation, not be the person that seeks money of new and high job, pursuit or creature comfort blindly. OK her ” calls a “ “ idealist ” or “ goes after ideal person ” , but not be “ idealist ” . According to actual condition, also can say “ her ” is the person ” with a not actual “ that lose contact with reality, because of the Idealist in English this word also has this kind of meaning.
The Materialist in English also has similar problem. Look please below this paragraph of word:
“Quite Frankly, i’m A Materialist. I’ve Got A Good - Paying Job And I Want To Keep It. I’ve Bought A Home Near Westlake, and Me And My Wife Want To Enjoy The Comforts Of Life. I Had A Hard Time When I Was A Kid And I Don’t Want To Go Through All That Again. ”
(plainspoken, I am an exquisite and real person. I have the job with a good income, the hope is able go down. I bought a house in the west lake, I and my husband or wife should be enjoyed enjoyed. When I am young very bitter, I do not want to spend the sort of time again. )
This word represented the mentality of a lot of United States men. It reflected Materialist adequately the meaning of this word. Chinese interpret becomes apparent misgivings of “ materialist ” . The meaning calm in the concept of “ materialistic ” in the Marxism philosophy that China uses now and upside quotation is different, answer so the person ” that interpret makes “ pay attention to loaves and fishes, “ utilitarian creed person ” .
See Politician and Statesman again these two English words. Politician“ politician ” ? On the contrary, the “ politician ” in Chinese this word should how does interpret become English? The student of some twilight English makes its interpret Politician, this is improper. They do not know Politician the meaning of this word. In the Politician in American English this word often has very intense derogatory sense color, cause the contempt of others. It points to the for seek individual expedience politicize, person that play tricks. This word still has ” of “ astute a smooth article (Smooth - Operator) meaning, when pointing to to the person works or talk, confidence is dye-in-the-wood, very adept. ” of Chinese “ politician this word should interpret is Statesman, very apt in Briticism and American English, of the advisability that Statesman basically expresses to be good at running a country person; People calls the advanced government official that has mana normally Statesman. Politician (politician, political dealer) the place has more, and Statesman (politician, state activist) very few however. Politician of annotate of some English-Chinese dictionaries when one word, serve as “ politician ” the first justice, often cause misunderstanding.
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