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The problem that Ying Yihan middling appears

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Translate expert net 2005-05-19Chen Shibin Ying Yihan, it is to be in in the process of education among the process that still is translating actually no matter, many people beg translation only " faithful, clear and coherent " and ignore translated text " elegant " . So, whether faithful and clear and coherent translation is a tunnel, natural, Where is the translation that is used to accord with Chinese? This auspicious whether is translation perfect translation? Have a lot of faithful and clear and coherent translation, not pure however, factitious. Be as follows the problem citing that often appears now:

1. The structure is unreasonable, the sentence is factitious

(1) There Will Come A Day When People The World Over Will Live A HappyLife Under The Sun Of Socialism.
One day when whole world people lives too happily below socialistic sunshine is meeting arrival.

The attribute of translation subject is long, make whole sentence top-heavy. Try interpret to be: Whole world person will live happy life below socialistic sunshine, regular meeting comes to this day.

(2) The Sun, which Had Hidden All Day, now Came Out In All Its Splendor.
That hides in the sun in cloud layer all the day, appeared resplendently again now.

Textual the attributive subordinate clause in, be filling appraise sex, interpret becomes Chinese, do not put before noun be got-upped certainly. Textual not " " this meaning, should take out. Try interpret to be: The sun hides in Yun Li all day long, came out now, resplendent.

(3) Or Engine Trouble of / of I Had Experienced Oxygen And. I ever had been come up against, not be aerobic facilities gives trouble, it is engine gives trouble, or both gives trouble.

"I ever had been come up against " , the sentence is abrupt break down, seem not to have object, but actually object is 3 very long clause however, this does not convey a habit accord with Chinese. Can be in " had come up against " hind add " this kind of phenomenon " or shift to an earlier date object. Try interpret to be: Not be aerobic facilities gives trouble, it is engine gives trouble, or they give trouble, these I had been come up against.

(4) Captured Documents Which We Have Obtained From Individuals Who HadBeen Infiltrated Through This Corridor Plus Prisoner-of - War Reports ThatWe Have Obtained In Recent Months Led Us To Believe That The Volume OfInfiltration Has Expanded Substantially.

We the file of the capture on the person that from by this corridor comes in, increase nearly a few months from the affidavit that obtains over there P.O.W, make people believes, osmotic dimensions expanded really.

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