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A few kinds of methods of interpret of English-Chinese each other

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Translate expert net 2005-05-19Chen Shibin

In the interpreter, be aimed at a vocabulary vacant phenomenon, in the vocabulary use, cite the respect takes 4 kinds of forms normally: Transliteration, metaphrase, adapt, free translation.

1.Transliteration: Person name, place name and a few when express new idea and less than is opposite searching to express into the word again in native language, all can use transliteration law to introduce to go in translation language, be like: [Han Yiying] kowtow (Kowtow) , litchi (Litchi) ; [Ying Yihan] , Engine (engine) , motor (motor) , sofa(sofa) , logic (logistic)

2. Metaphrase: ) of Paper Tiger(paper tiger, lose Face (humiliating) , seeing Is Believing. (it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times. ) Out Of Mind, out Of Sight. (the eye disappears, the heart is not irritated)

3, adapt: Alleged " adapt " if the meaning is additional,those who point to is transliteration or metaphrase interpreter, translating " revise a law " in, translator always retains the character of textual language as far as possible on one hand, hope translation implication is clear more on the other hand, make reader be clear at a glance.

For instance, of Chinese " display one's slight skill before an expert " this is phrasal, but interpret becomes This Is Like Showing Off One's Proficiency With The Axe Before Lu Ban The Master Carpenter among them, "Lu Ban " became " Lu Ban The Mater Carpenter" otherwise Lu Ban is what person after all, the foreign reader that does not know literary quotation can feel spellbound. Law of this kind of interpret is commonner in flower interpret, be like chocolate candy (Chocolate) , opium smoke (Opium) , golf (Golf) , come blessing gun (Rifle) , nylon cloth (Nylon) wait.

4. Free translation law: Fill language is semantic and medium vocabulary, vacant, use " collateral law " namely free translation law is a kind of common effective method. If some language watchs an elephant, in translation language the different language form with intention identical justice namely " collateral " when the vocabulary will translate, so the existence in be equal to the form that says translation language wears " vacant " . For instance, have a lot of words and the idea idea that represent by these words, most first consist in in some kind of language, when in should introducing these words or idea to another kind of language, going, we can adopt transliteration, metaphrase law, also can use free translation method at the same time, and free translation translation can wait for a respect from speech, syntactic, semantics the standard accord with translation language, because this is the easiest,accept for the reader. For instance: Communism, democracy, become with the foreign word such as Proletariat " communism " " democratic " and " proletarian " when, can say the result that is free translation first most. In the meantime, as a result of " communism " , "Proletarian " etc is the compose word regulation that presses our Chinese completely, form with the compose speech material of Chinese. Accordingly, this kind of free translation just is belong to a kind of concept draw lessons from just.
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