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Notice words condition and logic

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Translate expert net 2005-05-19Luo Jinde

Author brief introduction: Luo Jinde, renown Sa gram is amounted to. 1934 stranger, was graduated from institute of Beijing foreign language 1956. Ever taught in Lanzhou university, had held the position of " China is translated " editorial office director.

Mr Luo Jinde is perfectness Russian and language of English two countries, ever organized the work that holds the position of interpreter and interpret careful to the international such as U.N. for many times. It is the well-known public figure that home translates academic group. Since 1999, our company " translates chief editor theory and " of solid Wu a series of books. This a series of books is to include a country 85, 95, the important publication that 15 books publish a program.

Choosing the meaning of a word is the first pace with textual understanding, also be the one big difficult problem in the interpreter. The one word in English is much justice phenomenon, it may be said cans be found everywhere. Accordingly, we must be in words condition through original term (the logistic relation of Context) , relapse consider, make proper choice, interpret without real understanding of avoid by all means, also cannot move simply curtly with dictionary paraphrase.

Analyse textual syntactic structure, it is the important method that understands a desire, can help us understand each structural level concerns. There is complex relation between the semantics of the surface layer structure that has some of English expressions however and expression, if analyse understanding from surface layer form, meeting go astray. Must rely on words condition, pass logistic analysis, ability makes correct judgement.

One, lexical problem

A lot of words have fixed interpret way in U.N. file, if appear in other circumstance, not must (do not want certainly even) go by the fixed interpret law in U.N. file interpret. If Programme is in U.N. budget document,interpret is " plan " , and there can be many interprets way in other circumstance (meaning) choose for take into consideration the circumstances: Creed, outline, program, card, manual, schedule, course... etc.

(1) The Reform Agenda Includes Such Wide-ranging Items As...
Reform plan range is wide, include the following each content...
(do not press " of agenda of " of U.N. file interpret and " project " . )
(2) Tickets Can Be Obtained Ad Hoc At The Entrance.
Can get a ticket in entry point at the appointed time.
(do not press " of ad hoc of " of U.N. file interpret. )
(3) Open-ended Improvement Of Living Standards
Raise living standard everlastingly
(do not be restricted by " of U.N. file interpret the " of the number. )
(4) An Ad Hoc Approach
Have a headache the method of foot of painful medical service of cure head base (or) take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure
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