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Basic standard of the interpreter and method

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Translate expert net 2005-05-19Chen Shibin

Author brief introduction: Chen Shibin, was born 1940, was graduated from Sichuan university 1966 character literature is Ying Meiyu, graduation hind is engaged in financial business translating the job in the Bank of China. 1984-1985 year ever was in university of new York Colombia in order to visit scholastic identity law courtyard and aid financially attorney office attend in a advanced studies. Be translated early or late and be in " INTERTRADE " , " Chinese finance " , " Chinese law " etc article and financial laws and regulations are published to decide 150 on the journal. Publication interpret writes more than 10.

The basic standard of the first interpreter

(one) accurate
Translator should stand on correct position when the interpreter, demonstrate proper point of view, cannot make principle mistake. For instance, western country often saves the Taiwan of our country and other country is equal rise, should make when the interpreter technical processing, come out Taiwan sheet row, add " area " 2 words, in order to show distinction. Want to understand textual clou and content deeply before start writing, find out difficulty, cannot be opposite especially the place of interpret, examine dictionary and reference book, reference material again next, note next relevant clew vocabularies and term. Ability begins to translate after preparation is proper, according to the different habit of character of language of China and foreign countries, emersion of colour of the as far as possible thought the author, mood, style, feeling comes out, endeavor to accomplish alleged " letter, amount to, elegant " . English and Chinese have corresponding vocabulary commonly, when handling specific issue however, often cannot complete correspondence. For instance Chinese habit calls Asian " 4 Xiaolong " , english although but interpret becomes The Asian "four Dragons" , but Hesperian calls The Asian "four Tigers" or "four Tigers" In Asia mostly, because be in the eye of Hesperian, dragon is a kind of similar crocodile or snake, grow an eccentric person that wing can say fire, often defend see treasures. Phrasal or adage is more such, not only cannot corresponding, did not have even textual trace even sometimes, be like "Don't Teach Your Grandmother To Suck Eggs" , if become " not to teach your grandma knock egg " according to literal metaphrase, let a person look the meeting is indescribable. If free translation is " not to display his slight skill before an expert " , expressed original intention already, also accord with Chinese habit. With Chinese, english idiom is very much also, but become Chinese idiom very hard to interpret for the most part among them, only well-intentioned interpret. Here cites a few case again: Like Talking To A Brick Wall (choose the wrong audience, a blind person lights a lamp waste candle)- - To Waste One's Breath Trying To Persuade Someone Who Is So Obstinate To Listen To Reason; If say: "He Is So Dogmatic; It's Like Talking To A Brick Wall Arguing With Him. "He Is So Dogmatic; It's Like Talking To A Brick Wall Arguing With Him.. To Make Bricks Without Straw (artful Fu cooks cook a meal without rice hard)- - To Try To Achieve Some Result With Inadequate Means; If say: "We Were Unable To Give You An Opinion Because You Didn't Give Us The Information We Needed. We Can't Make Bricks Without Straw. We Can't Make Bricks Without Straw.. The Rotten Apple (an evil member of the herd, defeat the home child)- - The One Bad Person Among A Number Of Good Ones; If say: "His Youngest Son Was The Rotten Apple. "His Youngest Son Was The Rotten Apple.. To Pay Back In The Same Coin, to Pay Sb. Back In His Own Coin, an Eye For An Eye, a Tooth For A Tooth, (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, the body that with its the person's path still treats its person)- - To Retaliate By Using The Same Method; If say: "Jukes Has Attacked Us In His Advertisement Overseas; We Will Pay Him Back In The Same Coin. "Jukes Has Attacked Us In His Advertisement Overseas; We Will Pay Him Back In The Same Coin.. To Have A Heart Of Gold (have intention of a pair of Bodhisattva)- - To Be A Kind, generous, forgiving Person Whose Qualities Are Much Appreciated; Walls Have Ears (beware of eavesdroppers)- - You Must Be Very Careful What You Say Because Someone May Be Eavesdropping.
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