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A few basic methods of simultaneous interpretation and skill

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The ability of simultaneous interpretation is not the connate ability of a kind of within sight but beyond reach. Saying says well, “ time does not lose ” of a person with high aspirations and determination. As long as we are attentive study pass knowledge and skill together, take an active part in Tong Chuanjiang to change training, water arrives nature canal is become.

1, free translation
Simultaneous interpretation listens namely namely the characteristic of interpret, force dragoman must “ of one mind 2 with ” , make dragoman accomplishs be satisfactory to both sides of ” of meaning of “ form ”“ hard in translating a process. In addition, dragoman passes interpret in synchronism when by force of time pressure, also cannot be opposite the word of expressive form pour of target language drinks sentence. In ” of meaning of “ form ”“ hard below the circumstance of be satisfactory to both sides, dragoman should use the method of free translation, the idea that includes origin language place quickly with concise language and proposition communicate audience.

2, suitable interpret
Suitable interpret is to point to a kind of word order down origin language, the corresponding word that chooses target language step-by-steply undertakes sending the means of interpret. The suitable interpret that tells here is confined to those who arrange structure, suitable word order to pass interpret, do not include the suitable interpret of term term correspondence. The basic sentence structure of Chinese and English all is “ advocate — changes structure of — guest ” , definitive (word of exactly the amount and possessive pronoun) also appear in front of the noun commonly with the adjective, this arranges interpret for English-Chinese or Chinese-English suitable interpret offerred essential condition.

3, cut sentence
Cut sentence it is to show dragoman is seasonable in simultaneous interpretation process, timely the length that blocks origin language sentence, be used to according to the expression of target language, the news that hears place is decomposed short sentence, or heavy composition couplet sentence, pass interpret next.

Before 4. term buy
Exemple: Chinese government manages as always support U.N. the justice, operation that maintains prosperity of peace, stimulative whole world.
The Chinese Government Will As Always Support The UN Efforts To Uphold Justice, maintain Peace And Promote Global Prosperity.

5. term postposition or of short duration are put
Exemple: Army of U.N. peace keeping should quarter at that one area, arrive all the time all till each just signed peace treaty. Our this one footing already got accepted.
Our Position Is Widely Received That The UN Peace-keeping Force Will Stay In That Region Until A Peaceful Agreement Has Been Signed By All Concerned Parties.
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