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Abundant language ABC is proper understanding, fluent expression assures textually at all.   
Knowing the meaning of a word is the first important document
We know, an English word represents a meaning not merely normally, dot and this Chinese are identical. However a lot of people often remember content of a Chinese to death, with changeless should 10 thousand change. See one word of Park for example, think of a park immediately, and do not know to Park still can make " of " parking lot or jockey when verbal " " explanation. Because of this pair of "No Parking! "(forbid to jockey! ) reach "Please Tell Me Where To Park My Car. ) reach "Please Tell Me Where To Park My Car.. (tell me where can jockey please. ) wait for a sentence, feel of course do not know its the reason why. One word of Quot;certain " , in " I’m Certain He Saw Me. "The " that " makes believe firmly in is told; In " There Was A Certain Coldness In Her Attitude Towards Me. "Explain however in for " a few " , interpret becomes " she is a bit cool to my manner. Interpret becomes " she is a bit cool to my manner..
Want to solve this kind of problem, have no other way, have diligent only a few, consult a dictionary more. If the explanation in small dictionary is put in translation,appear at odds, consult big dictionary; English-Chinese dictionary is not checked, with respect to Cha Yingying dictionary, be like this only, just avoid to make mistake likely. Grow an inadequacy to dread
Grammar is the catholicity regulation of the language, have syntactic idea, ability draw inferences about other cases from one instance, can judge a mistake according to it. But grammar is not invariable, since it is the catholicity regulation of the language, so when the language produces changes, grammar also must be amended subsequently. Because this wants to judge grammatical correct, should be with whether according with contemporary language to express kind accurate. Before the interpreter, best can make brief parse first, the relation between every word in understanding this, lest interpret gets " incongruous " . Especially the sentence with complex structure, this time cannot be saved more. For example: On August 1, the Gunboat Began Her Mission, which Was, in The Eyes Of The Defenders, a Provocative Act And Seemed To Be Part Of The Overall Assault Which Had Begun On July 31. This sentence is comprised by a main clause and two attributive subordinate clause. "Gunboat began to carry out task " on August 1 is main clause, also be complete sentence central content. The subordinate clause of follow closely is a subordinate clause that shows this task nature at the back of main clause. There is " of subordinate clause of attribute of a restricted to already began on July 31 again in this subordinate clause (full-scale attack) " , it is briefer, can move when interpret by adjunct before. Textual order of each logistic relation, expression and Chinese agree completely, because this can press former interpret gives an order: "Gunboat began to execute the mission on August 1. In defence person look, this is provoke the action, and a component that is the full-scale attack that began on July 31 it seems that. "  actually, structure of a lot of sentences is not complex, because the phrase new word in the sentence is some more, making a person think is the problem of sentential structure hardship. Above the elephant this example, want to analyse a structure only, can understand very easily. So, when no matter be in,be being translated, be not frightened by sentential length.
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