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The interpreter of foreign movie title the function that is the same as dubbed film actually is same, had culture intermediary effect. Two this years the appeal cancels somebody dub film, so title does not need to break up into Chinese. Look nevertheless with respect to the education that at present place of our country most person gets, it is not actual absolutely. Although English is deepened in effect year after year of China, but do not forget to still have 8, the farmer brother of 900 million (without derogatory sense) . Even if is read English major or take an examination of gave “ TOEFL ” , GRE of what, wanting English only is not mother tongue, there can be an obstacle in the hard to avoid on the understanding of culture setting so, thinking a make effort at the last moment is futile then, only way is to lean at ordinary times the a bit is accumulated.

Interpreter elder Yan Fu is in early 19 centuries end has put forward: “ interpret thing 3 difficult: Letter, amount to, elegant. ” later generations is vexed all the time to this, the actual condition that reflects filmdom is title metaphrase still be free translation very good. The author's viewpoint is not to want to be changed absolutely, the advantage of metaphrase is easy to read and understand understand easily, facilitate consult data. If do not search to give the Chinese that answers relatively really, audience of for fear that cannot knowingly, textual Zhong Mou should be contained in translated term at least the meaning of the word, even if it may not be a bad idea of a tiny bit. When when at the end of one's resources, use complete free translation to also be again late, premise foundation is to cannot break away from film content a powerful and unconstrained style.

The connection that says translated term and Yingmeiwen are changed! Everybody still is familiar with a few the following films.

A Bridge Too Far - " distant bridge " , the war of an United States that this was 1977 piece, film according to the real event that British paratroop was defeated in Bonn 1944. You can choose any nouns to replace ‘ bridge ’ now, alter this phrase into the place that suits your purpose, will describe some thing to go unusually, overdo. Be like a ” of “ Culture Revolution to call A Revolution Too Far; flower king Edward the romantic action that 8 worlds do not love country to love beautiful woman calls A Love Affair Too Far, but the rest may be deduced by analogy.

My Fair Lady - " gentle and graceful fair maiden " , adapt from Xiao Bai that modern drama " flower girl " , original name " be equal to Ge Meiliang " (Pygmalion) , pygmalion is Roman god, for Cyprus king, carven girl resembles him be passionately in love. Angus Venus is moved in earnest by its, use a method will statuary turn living person and Pygmalion into get married. Xiao Bai borrows a name to be taught mediumly with analogy drama then. Had taken the movie that makes Pygmalion 1938.
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