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Diplomacy translates since interpreter, it is diplomat. They are one of diplomatic team fundamental strength. They should have the quality of diplomat above all, have the interpreter's quality again at the same time. Should come according to Zhou En of the premier teach, footing of “ stand firm, master policy, familiar business, strictly observe discipline ” , practice is good 3 basic skill, namely: Political thought, language itself, all sorts of literacy knowledge. Premier Zhou says: “ written translation can be done all one's life, want to do well basic skill. Even proud, husband of the hard work below blame cannot, want experienced basic skill. ”

One, good political thought quality

1. Have deep love for the motherland, devoted to the motherland. This is ” of footing of “ stand firm most the requirement of at least, it is external affairs interpreter should must have most the quality of at least. International politics case is complex, the diplomatic interpreter that is in forefront of international politics fight meets those who endure insalubrious thought to corrode at any time, the test such as enemy counterespionage. Position is only firm, have deep love for the motherland, devoted to the person ability of the motherland undergoes all sorts of test. Conversely, should come like Zhou En likely the ” in the bosom that the “ that premier place admonishs swings to a foreigner. Unfortunate is, this kind of circumstance has happened really. Individual diplomacy interpreter is corroded via rising, enticed test, break away from diplomatic team, accordingly, each country has politics to ask to diplomat. Because different country is regime, ideological different, the politics that translates to diplomacy asks to also differ. Dan Zhong represents ground of native interest, one hundred percent to treat governmental foreign policy at the motherland, trustily, it is the collective requirement that each country translates to diplomat, diplomacy.

2. The understanding, understanding, course that supports party and country, guiding principle, policy. Foreign policy has political sensitivity. Party and national leader often introduce our country to foreign guest inside, outside policy. If translate personnel to our country inside, outside policy does not understand, do not understand, understand completely hard, remember not easily also, undertake an interpreter thoroughly more impossibly. The experience of Fu Lei of famous interpreter home is: “ translator is not deep and geographical solution, experience and experience original work, may make a reader anything but understanding, experience and experience. ” is translated faint impossibly with its, make person clear. The sensitive place of the focus of the germ with the crux of the problem of the complexity that the interpreter knows only and understands a situation, problem, contradictory difference and expression, fight, problem, understand the proper limits for speech or action that speaks to leader, reason and intention, ability conveys the meaning of leader well and truly. Different, convey not clear, forbid, wrong even. The comrade that is engaged in translating the job has experience greatly to this. So, want to do a competent diplomatic interpreter, interpret of ground of one hundred percent gives entire meaning, convey me correctly foreign policy and its intent, must have higher policy level, have deep, comprehensive understanding to the footing of our country government and its meaning. Dragoman is mixed to the party if policy of inside and outside is not support from the heart, impossible that ground of delighted, one hundred percent is translated.
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