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Letter, amount to, elegant interpreter standard whether outdated

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I ever had kept a post, introduce 3 standards of the interpreter, namely “ letter, amount to, elegant ”(is faithful, clear and coherent, good) . After this card is published, netizen Mr Lin Hui sent a very interesting long mail to me. Mr Lin says, these 3 standards, it is 19 centuries end, 20 centuries first, those wrap the bound feet, Qing Dynasty before leaving those who grow plait to old people who have witnessed big social changes people those who make, when be being passed already. Mr Lin citing says: Those translate the home conservatively at that time, homage ancient prose, oppose colloquial language, the alleged “ elegant ” that they advocate, ask people is translated with ancient prose namely actually, full piece it is ” of “ pedantic terms. Mr Lin says he also produces a translation, according to his experience, in these 3 standards, the first mixes the 3rd to be able to omit, it is OK that translation wants “ to amount to ” only.

To afore-mentioned viewpoints of Mr Lin, I am held with partly, the part is deprecatory. Say why I am held with partly first. Believe ”(with “ faithful) this standard is exemple, observe according to me, seem to only our Chinese asks so strictly, the foreigner produces a translation, it is to comparative agile, comfortable. Than following faces the first paragraph, choose from Reuter an English press release January 31, agency of branch of this company Brazil gets this news the interpreter to be portuguese subsequently (below the 2nd paragraph of) . You can be compared, the Brazilian's translation is to comparative agile, comfortable, far from “ believes ” , but however very “ amounts to ” , accordingly I say me the certain viewpoint of gentleman of approve of forest.

(1) English is textual:

The White House Is Considering Endorsing The Creation Of An Independent Commission That Would Investigate Whether The United States Used Faulty Intelligence Information When It Decided To Go To War In Iraq. (The White House is considering to form an independent committee, when so that investigate the United States to be in,the decision starts Iraqi war, whether did the government use incorrect information. Whether did the government use incorrect information..

(Translation of 2) Pu language:

Sob Pressão Do Capitólio, o Presidente Norte-americano George W. Bush Estáconsiderando A Formação De Uma Comissão Independente Para Investigar Evidências Coletadas Pelo Serviço Secreto Antes Da Guerra Do Iraque E Usadas Pelo Governo Para Justificar A Invasão. (Below congressional pressure, assorted of cloth of · of American president George is considering to form an independent committee, so that investigate beautiful before Iraqi war national condition to sign up for the evidence that orgnaization place gathers, these evidence are used by American government attack Iraqi plead for its. These evidence are used by American government attack Iraqi plead for its..
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