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With the skill of another oral interpretation that pass: Elliptically

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Skill of another oral interpretation: Elliptically
About language fast with information content, how apropos is my impression opposite? You say “ reads an English to want to compare the Chinese that reads this English the interpreter is fast almost ” of half the time, I do not have this experience. Feel the Chinese of one page paper prints draft, one page often can become after interpret becomes English half. This is Sino-British bear of information of two kinds of characters is different cause, that is to say, place of byte of a Chinese holds information content majority an English byte should is more than below the circumstance. Sometimes in just listen on behalf of speaking speed go up to be inferior to old extra gains it seems that, but even if read aloud English interpret accordingly,be passed together,draft also is met out of breath. Go often comparing those who tell Chinese to appear on the audition that tells English language fast slightly fast, partial element is the different expression convention that culture tradition creates: Western good performance, east is more implicative; Partial element is Sino-British bear of information of two kinds of characters is different: Bear of information of token idea script is more than watch sound to define a character. <<<

No matter you think which kinds of language is verbal fast fast, which kinds of information content is big, anyway oral interpretation is to be in the draft or text of a speech with the deliberate person that organize a speech with another kind of language for a short while, time is real too precious, have a bit hesitant or long-winded may not follow to go up, accordingly, omit a few footy, dispensable vocabularies also are to pass one of skill together appropriately. An interpreter is adept, can export from its succinct try to judge. Novice often language fast rapid, messy phenomenon is serious, wish to translate every word, the result often appears regurgitation, do tired oneself, also do tired audience. The old hand that has experience can answer any language leisurely fast, he is urgent I am not urgent, communicate the kernel of every word with succinct keyword. Yes, I can use “ to omit again and again ” skill, but not be whole rectify a ground to omit textual, however the nap, crucial content that abstracts every word, eliminate is decorated dispensably and word of go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married.

Pass together have a lot of online strategy, for instance Omission, anticipation, segmentation. Omission is a strategy that contrasts effective. Because it can reduce memory negative charge. Think those who consult is, in conducting a process together, what falling how to make judgement effectively in so tight situation is less important information, can you omit?

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