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Shallow Tan Tongsheng passes interpret

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One, oral interpretation (the form of Interpretation) / type:

1. Pass interpret alternately / continue translates (Consecutive Interpretation) : Also call extemporaneous interpreter, those who point to is the speaking person such as dragoman after the language that use a source tells one part or be being told entirely, using the thought that interpret language states speaking person place and affection, with oral form, state practice of a kind of interpreter afresh.
2. Simultaneous interpretation (Simultaneous Interpretation) : Those who point to is the idea that conveys another kind of insitute of language with a kind of language and affection, with almost as synchronous as speaking person speed, viva voce form states the practice of a kind of interpreter that come out afresh. What simultaneous interpretation points to commonly is conference simultaneous interpretation. A. The conference passes interpret (Conference Interpretation) : Namely the telecommunication equipment that dragoman uses congress assembly room, get the spokesman's talk through earphone, immediately carries telephone transmitter, with his language the form with the thought speaking person and affection oral interpret passes interpret to give audience. We are in what see in TV to be passed together is this kind of conference is passed together normally. B. Whisper passes interpret (Whispering) : Common calls “ whisper ” , apply to dragoman to give commonly most perhaps
More than 3 people undertake oral interpretation at the same time, the great majority that basically gives to attend the meeting now can be understood act
Person a kind of when content was not necessary to introduce the place when be being passed together to offer thereby special service. C. Inspect interpret to pass interpret (Sight Interpretation) : General interpreter is become inspect interpret, show dragoman has been taken in the box that pass interpret
the content of lecturer, cooperate its speed interpreter to come out, common content involves a country
Make stand or the trade of transnational corporation is secret, if take plan ahead of schedule, opposite
Some easier, but if pass the ability before interpret to take draft criterion difficulty very big, because written
The information content of the word is big, and the construction is strict, with the means of oral interpretation the interpreter comes down indeed not easy.

2, the origin of simultaneous interpretation

1.The origin of simultaneous interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation is the earliest only then the Parisian peace conference 1919. Flower of have the aid of, standard begins on Parisian peace conference the interpreter of two kinds of languages undertakes negotiating, negotiate partly among them adopted simultaneous interpretation, this also means simultaneous interpretation to begin to form as a kind of major. Later, the Nuremberg military affairs after World War II tries a court (1945-1946) , simultaneous interpretation first time gets large-scale adoption will try Nazi war criminal comparativing, the result is right, begin to be used formally on the U.N. conference 1946 then pass together, the result makes the time of the conference shortened one most, the reductive with corresponding also funds a lot of. China is the meeting of Asian area peace that held in Beijing 1952 on first this is used, at this late hour also is development course of 40 years nevertheless.
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