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====Ask Yourself:

1.Did I Use Complete Sentences? They Are Generally A Waste Of Time.

2.Did I Use Any Form At All? Are My Notes Clear Or Confusing?

3.Did I Capture Main Points And All Subpoints?

4.Did I Streamline Using Abbreviations And Shortcuts?

If You Answered No To Any Of These Questions, you May Need To Develop Some New Note-taking Skills!

====Guidelines For Note-Taking:

1.Concentrate On The Lecture Or On The Reading Material.

2.Take Notes Consistently.

3.Take Notes Selectively. Do NOT Try To Write Down Every Word. Remember That The Average Lecturer Speaks Approximately 125-140 Words Per Minute, and The Average Note-taker Writes At A Rate Of About 25 Words Per Minute.

4.Translate Ideas Into Your Own Words.

5.Organize Notes Into Some Sort Of Logical Form.

6.Be Brief. Write Down Only The Major Points And Important Information.

7.Write Legibly. Notes Are Useless If You Cannot Read Them Later!

8.Don't Be Concerned With Spelling And Grammar.

====Ways To Reduce And Streamline Notes

Eliminate Small Connecting Words Such As: Is, are, was, were, a, an, the, would, this, of. Eliminate Pronouns Such As: They, these, his, that, them. However, be Careful NOT To Elimate These Three Words: And, in, on.

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