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Of simultaneous interpretation judge standard, characteristic and the primary qu

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Of simultaneous interpretation measure a level

Of written translation measuring a level is: Letter, amount to, elegant (Faithfulness, accuracy, elegance) .

Of simultaneous interpretation measuring a level is:

1.Express the idea

In this and written translation accurate basically be same a meaning, just compare accurate more administrative levels feels. Namely it is a kind opposite accurate, if be importuned blindly accurate ignored other factors however, in the end can affect interpreter result for certain


No matter be to inspect interpret (Sight Interpretation) still translate without paper, cannot lag behind the content with too much speechmaker, lag behind at most, what also can not follow of course is too close, lest be guided,enter blind lane. The particular case conversation with respect to speechmaker speed, the difficult easy degree of speech content and oneself work force and calm.


You can be mixed to core word the thing of the got-up sex besides core content undertakes deleting, but, what you translate the sentence that come out must be a complete sentence, can be conveyed or pass relevant information.


What point to mood to go up namely is fluent, what also point to content and logic to go up is fluent, it is not easy to accomplish this to also comparative actually.

5.Understand easily

Want to accord with interpret to give the expressive habit of language and thinking way namely.

The characteristic of simultaneous interpretation

If say handing in the characteristic that pass is independence and clear and coherent and fluent word, soThe characteristic that passes together is more land system is more contrary now go out with interpret of language coherent understand easily. Say commonly: The information interpret that passes together goes out rate if can hold together is in 80, 85% between it is not easy to comparative, of course this number is not to say to be passed together not accurate, show the meeting is a few righter when be being passed in the interpreter together however core word or core sentence the got-up composition besides undertakes accepting or reject, this goes out with respect to the interpret that decided it rate can hold together is between this scale. Should pass together when a person walks into dragoman to send interpret case together, he had been introduced to a kind of very isolated status that do not have aid, no matter produce what situation, can complete the issue that in conducting a process together, appears only by him himself, be being passed together so is a job that has high independent character and responsibility sex.
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