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Shallow talk about oral interpretation (pass together piece)

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The footstep of time of   of company of simultaneous interpretation of century of Beijing of simultaneous interpretation channel is hasty, our interpreter garden in an instant already one one full year of life. Click " result to experience the icon of " , the article of each different jumps 7 styles shade of pleasant to see, authors from respective angle communicative the feeling in translating the job and results, this column also because of it practical got with interactive characteristic the attention of broad netizen. Edit as this column, I did not carry the first stroke of a Chinese character all the time however, make direct communication with everybody. Face close year end, I miss the work that comes two years according to oneself, talk about oral interpretation with everybody.

Oral interpretation presses kinds big to be able to be divided for simultaneous interpretation (call synchronous interpreter, conference the interpreter again, abbreviation is passed together) with alternant interpreter (weigh successive interpreter again, abbreviation is handed in pass) .

Pass together, just as its name implies, realize the oral interpretation that makes a speech to teller basic and synchronously namely, multi-purpose wait for a circumstance at international conference, professional seminar. In view of send the craftsmenship demand with have particular together, groom technically and much exercise is indispensable.

Current of all kinds groom in the project, the cooperative project of Chinese government and European committee is mixed with respect to its history is a the impact is bigger number of place example student. This project time is 5 months, tell from interpreter technology, whole groom cent is memory exercise, note introduction, alternant (successive) translate and be the same as sound (the conference) translate 4 phase to undertake. The first phase, teacher (the profession of the European Union passes dragoman together) requirement student is in not below the circumstance of make a note, concentration is main listen to content at analyse and understanding place, next oral interpretation existing writings, aim to train memory. On select material by logic stronger, with just a little the table of contents of 3 perforative full text is given priority to in connection to less than, the paragraph that whole feels bright, successive. The 2nd phase, teachers explained why to mark note (clew difficulty, outstanding logic) , what to write down (tense, associated word, number) , how to write down (add a mark with target language as far as possible) wait for main problem, inspired sexual ground to provide their idiomatic a few signs again, the note system that suits him characteristic for student consults and developing. Be like " ! "Express "but" , "□ " expresses "a Country" , "√ " expresses "agree" , "⊙ " expresses "point Of View, opinion" . The 3rd phase, study sth in order to apply it, student improves note ceaselessly in practice, pass optimized note system to improve interpreter quality again. Teacher and in honest visit learned man cooperates to use flower - in - flower or in - flower - medium triangle trains means, through textual the contrast of the translation with translation is found out reach the problem place in conducting a process, offer constructive opinion then, effective. The 4th phase, illuminate be passed together and make the connection that pass and distinction, hand in namely passing is the base that spreads together, be being passed together is to make the application that is sent below special situation. Student annulus inpour is the same as the exercise that send case, teachers undertake comment, error correction subsequently, offer guiding proposal, the person that better like memory student can lag behind at speaking controls reentry to be translated all right, so that be made to word order necessary adjust, the target language that makes interpret goes out more the habit that accords with its itself expresses kind; And the measure that the student with delay time younger memory can adopt follow closely spokesman, accomplish main content to not have omit; Should make some of note appropriately because of the person different. During grooming, the European Union still offerred the spot several times to attend a meeting jackaroo and listen to the opportunity that passes together on the meeting, all make student benefits a lot.
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