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Simultaneous interpretation grooms class the 4th period student feedbacks

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Simultaneous interpretation channelOn May 18, 2005 company of Beijing century simultaneous interpretation

Company of Beijing century simultaneous interpretation the 4th period simultaneous interpretation grooms class in March 2005 - in May 2005 open, obtain tremendous echo. It is below the 4th period the feedback of partial student:

1. Mr Lin, tsinghua university car ties undergraduate course 2 grade student. English base is strong, when second year in high school GRE exam achievement is 2150 minutes. Translate the job too without the contact before attend class. The gains of simultaneous interpretation course of 2 months is very big.

2. Miss Sun, graduate student of major of English of institute of Beijing international relation. Basic industry is strong. Pass course to make I mastered the basic technical ability of simultaneous interpretation basically together.

3. Miss Yin, record of formal schooling of accounting major undergraduate course. Study abroad 5 years in Australia, when just attending class, what a lot of vocabularies of Chinese say is bad. During course, progress is very magical fast. Rely on English audition strength, it is very fast in student clever take off and go out.

4. Miss Cheng, foreign enterprise employee. Work at ordinary times very busy, work 70 hours every week above. But the unit submitted an expense account its groom entirely cost and the traffic expenses during attending class. She thought to basically acquire the method of study, exercise and train of thought on classroom. Will digest slowly with very long period of time henceforth absorb.

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