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Pass skill to train together (3)- - interpret enters language overview

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Company of century simultaneous interpretation of Beijing of simultaneous interpretation channel

Interpret practices into the overview is in primitive the overview practices making primitive content will be summarized to undertake with interpret person language after period of time. The purpose is to consolidate hear of synchronism and transfer gradually true simultaneous interpretation. The dragoman when the exercise need not excessive emphasize sentential structure and specific content, develop the clou that communicates primitive with succinct interpret person language and main message site however. Be like: "The Protection Of The Environment Is A Vital Component Of Continued Economic Development.Here And In Hong Kong Decades Of Explosive Growth Have Taken A Toll On The Environment Resulting In Air And Water Pollution, destruction Of The Natural Environment, traffic Congestion And Deforestation. Not Only Does This Discourage Further Economic Investment And Encourage Industries Already Here For Relocate, but It Also Makes It Increasingly Difficult For Guangdong To Enter Into The Next Level Of Economic Development. " can use interpret person language -- Chinese overview is: "Environmental protection is the main factor that economy grows continuously. / / past Guangdong and Hong Kong already had had a lesson in this respect. / / environmental protection is Guangdong attracts the safeguard that more investment makes economy further upward. / / "

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