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Simultaneous interpretation grooms a feedback of student of first phase

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Simultaneous interpretation channelOn May 18, 2005 company of Beijing century simultaneous interpretation

Company of Beijing century simultaneous interpretation simultaneous interpretation of first phase grooms class in July 2004 - during August open, obtain tremendous echo. The feedback of student of part of first phase is below:

Miss 1. Miss Zhang, national development reforms committee interpreter, undergraduate course major: International trade, graduate student major: International finance. The conference is engaged in passing interpret alternately before attending class of Tong Chuanpei lecture, but oneself often feel have an obstacle. The simultaneous interpretation that attends our company grooms, this plan rises further hand in pass a level. In conference that Paris is in after course ends, because be in place,asked simultaneous interpretation spot is behaved not beautiful, its leader decides to let her be replaced on the spot temporarily send the mission together, as a result its interpreter level exceeded invites simultaneous interpretation, finished job of spot simultaneous interpretation satisfactorily. From this, the simultaneous interpretation of the conference in often carrying out an unit works.

Miss 2. Miss Wu, the country teachs committee to translate, record of formal schooling of English major graduate student. Before attending class of Tong Chuanpei lecture, be in unit now and then do some of written translation to work. Finish our company simultaneous interpretation to groom after course, experience is quite difficult: "The news of the certain theme that pays close attention to not quite previously and special subject, meeting naturally care rises now, simultaneous interpretation class makes I widened eye shot, raised interpreter level " .

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