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Simultaneous interpretation channel in March 2006

Company of Beijing century simultaneous interpretation (BICSI) of the member that devote oneself to the simultaneous interpretation of international conference and simultaneous interpretation groom career, it is the multilingual solution provider with banner whole world (Multi-linguistic Solutions Provider) , offer English simultaneous interpretation for a long time to groom, the much language translation such as Japanese, French grooms, simultaneous interpretation, alternant send the service such as interpret.

In long-term simultaneous interpretation practice, we collected a batch of battles sending the elite person that reachs what learn a gleam of with do missionary work to have actual strength most together. Our company simultaneous interpretation member it is Annam of · of Kofi of secretary-general of party and national leader, U.N. early or late (Kofi A. Annan) , beautiful couplet store Lin Sipan of case of chairman Allan · (Alan Greenspan) , British premier Tony Blair (Peierweici Musha of president of Tony Blair) , Pakistan, the large international meeting that has attended many 200. Our company simultaneous interpretation member excellent performance left deep impression to honored guest of China and foreign countries.

As the sharp increase of international communication, large international conference is great to the demand of simultaneous interpretation talent of high quality. And current simultaneous interpretation member the amount cannot satisfy the interacts external need that increases increasingly far.

Current, the education of talent of national simultaneous interpretation basically passes the education of record of formal schooling of Master administrative levels to finish, the Master of simultaneous interpretation major that basically is university of university of Beijing foreign language, Shanghai foreign language and university of Beijing language culture. Normal record of formal schooling teachs recruit students dimensions cycle of small, education is relatively longer, enter a doorsill taller, cannot satisfy had had certain English base in great quantities, but the demand of the talent of this one part that hopes to be able to master simultaneous interpretation skill quickly to enter simultaneous interpretation industry.

Accordingly, we use the dominant position of simultaneous interpretation talent of oneself, the actual combat that devotes oneself to to make high quality pass dragoman together, make more people organic can attend simultaneous interpretation skill to groom, after grooming through system, effective major, can be in short-term inside master the basic theory that passes together and skill, organic meeting participates in simultaneous interpretation to carry out.

Current, of short duration of company of Beijing century simultaneous interpretation sets English simultaneous interpretation to groom class. Arrive from July 2004 in December 2005, in the past in a year of time of half, we were held already successfully 6 period English simultaneous interpretation grooms class, got the self-identity of broad student and support, obtained expectant result.
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