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Translation of this group of people keen to "Spot", you have to ask why? A: purification English
To the Prime Minister because of the outstanding performance of translation, translation of Zhang Lu beauty became famous during the two sessions this year, but beauty does not know when the translator were also wrong, and Hefei have a group of people obsessed with the English translation to Zhang Lu found the error.

Finding fault will see the English translation, see English translation of the error corrected immediately, as long as with the English pondering pondering the thought, these English people are really not covered cattle. Li chowder, Hefei, crayfish, stink mandarin ... ... they Anhui these authentic dishes translated into English, the public identifies eleven Hefei correct the error. To ask why they picked the wrong love? One reason: purification English!

Beautiful translation is wrong?

During the two sessions this year, as prime minister a lot of English translation of Zhang Lucheng idol fans, but the English fans appear in Hefei, Zhang Lu's translation also appeared in the individual errors.

"Ninety only half of the line Barry," Zhang Lu translated as: Half of the people who have embarked on a one hundred mile journey may fall by the way side. Translation means: In Barry's journey, half the way people give up. But the original definition is: a hundred miles away, go ninety years be regarded as half. Zhang Lu's translation and the original differences emerged. In this regard, fans found a more suitable English translation: 90% is only half done.

"After hearing that her translation is not accurate, but also engage in English and several colleagues said, the translation may be due to consider the spot, you can understand." Says an English fan. The translation of fans far away in the United States also expressed their Yuxian Sheng doubt, and pointed out several other problems: The favorable crowd of "more than the heart is also good fortune, deaths to die yet been finalized regret" and "slander or increase heart sound in the faith Come, "the translation there are some small problems," Zhang translation networks 'praise' too hasty. "

Rongshida into a "rat butcher"

From university professors, to the ordinary English fans, their greatest pleasure in life is finding fault for the translation, whether it is posters messages, or the translation of public places, as long as there is a mistake, they will immediately "shot."

English fans "Hefei Wang," A few days ago saw a delivery truck, the body sides are in English advertising language. "On the left from left to right are: Rongshida royalstar, can be translated as 'Royal Star' royalstar, a beautiful name it! But right from left to right as 'ratslayor', can be translated as 'rat butcher' really ugly! "representative" Pharaoh "said the Chinese characters can be read from right to left, but the English did not read right to left. "It was good to be true to recklessly."

In addition to this error, before the English translation of Hefei many public places, there have been problems: the trash can once translated as "suitcase loaded fruits and fur"; "protection of public property, trees," was translated "and tree care services . " Fortunately, finding fault through prick English fans, the competent authorities will be mistakes and correct them, English fans fought victories.

Take on the English name for the Anhui cuisine

Li chowder called "Li-HongzhangHotchpotch", rotten mandarin fish called the "Wine FlavourMandarinFish", a small lobster called "crawfish", how can they translate to, but also thanks to the group of English fans.

"Li chowder from a dinner with foreign guests, foreign guests, out of Chinese food on the table, the kitchen had to put together the remaining seafood firing table, the foreign guests praise, I do not know what food, so the chowder will be foreigners in China called Li chowder, from reputation boosted. "fans an interpreter, told reporters, someone will translate Li chowder" LiHongzhangAssorted Dish ", literally meaning" Li assorted dishes, "but also some differences with the chowder," we discussed, I felt or 'Hotchpotch' better, there are chowder, mixed boiled means. "

The Hefei proud of crayfish are hard to come by. "The Chinese in the translation of 'crayfish', it prefers to use the yabby, but in English, yabby crayfish is a small, and there is corresponding aquatic organisms, if recommended to foreign guests yabby, they do not dare to try. Can be If using lobster, refers to the relative luxury of a large lobster, also have a misunderstanding, so the most appropriate use of crawfish is crayfish. "

Love contests because they can not make a mistake

In order to find fault finding fault, English fans are set up their English salon, and also set up an English translation of Hefei, the Expert Committee, this group of English fans have a better space to display.

English fans in the middle, was undoubtedly the more positive "Hefei Pharaoh", since the government work, "Hefei Pharaoh" for the English translation of the degree of attention than normal, because the translation does not bring the loss is enormous .

"Xi'an translation company printed the wrong name of the unit paid out more than 20,000, Hefei also appeared in a printed collections reinvent the wheel thing." Pharaoh said, translation requires more careful and patient, and loving English who have to do is allow more people to attach importance to English, "English is a face, have to love seriously, try to make fewer mistakes."

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