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Life in literary translation, translation of our country who made outstanding contributions to the well-known translator, Mr. Grass infants, yesterday in Shanghai Cultural Center received first vice chairman of China's Guo Xiaoyong TAC TAC on behalf of China issued a special trip to Shanghai for his " Translation Culture Lifetime Achievement Award. " "Translation of Culture Lifetime Achievement Award" by the Translators Association of China, established in 2006 in recognition of the individual translator awards highest honor, the main award in the translation and dissemination of foreign culture and cultural exchanges have made outstanding contributions, significant achievements, widely influential and highly respected translator home. The award was granted after the two translation industry lin and Yang Xianyi dean. This year's "Lifetime Achievement Award for translation culture" were awarded the Sidney Shapiro, Xu, grass infants, Tuan and Li Shijun five well-known translator and cultural exchange between scholars in recognition of the older generation for our translator to translate business contribution, to encourage the majority of the older generation of young translators translator to learn, inherit and carry forward their quiet dedication and tireless, the better the good moral character, good style. Grass baby formerly known as Sheng Junfeng, 1941, 18 years old, in pursuit of ideals, against the fascist dictatorship and aggression, and to introduce readers to some excellent Chinese Russian and Soviet literature and entered into the field of translation. His long career in the beloved literary translation career, 70 years of hard work, book translations into tens of millions of words, to Tolstoy, Sholokhov and other Russian literature to introduce to the Chinese readers. He spent 20 years in particular the efforts of all the works of Tolstoy completed the translation, the achievements of a "highest in the world." Yesterday, the 88-year-old Mr. Grass baby to the doctor from Huadong Hospital, "leave" to accept the medal. He said: "I just want to do something in this life: Literary Translation." He humbly said: "Because I am limited capacity, limited success and hope his footsteps."
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