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English ace is necessary: Remember a word such by hook and crook

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String together with ~ave write down: Pave a road (Pave) has (Have) hole (Cave) uses wave (Wave) is saved (Save) .
String together with ~awn write down: Matutinal (Dawn) absurd (Dawn homophonic) , lawn (Lawn) is sodden (Lawn homophonic) , hit a yawn (Yawn) expresses be disgusted with (Yawn homophonic) .
String together with Bee~ write down: Beef (Beef) Pi (Beer) , contain bee (Bee) is sweet.
Bible Table Able strings together write down: Desk (Table) can (Able) is put two (this Bi-) Bible (Bible) .
String together with B~ll write down: Zhong Ling (Bell) circle resembles a ball (Ball) , bill (Bill) buys an ox (Bull) . Bolt Belt Melt strings together write down: Leather belt (Belt) embolus (Bolt) is changed (Melt) sell (Me~ homophonic) .
String together with Bul~ write down: Ox (Bull) volume is large (Bulk) , the eye resembles bulb (Bulb) .
String together with Bu~y write down: String write down: Do not want too busy (Busy) , be buried carefully (Bury) .
String together with Ca~e write down: Cafe (Cafe) birdcage (Cage) has a hole (Cave) is careful (Care) cake (Cake) circumstance (Case) .

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