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Learn a foreign language abstain from

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The first, stress method and skill overly, and do not be willing to make great efforts. Of the language applying is a kind of skill, but this kind of skill is not to rely on skill to be able to be obtained only. Too exquisite method and skill can be taken up by its a lot of time and energy, and the time with the content itself less investment that right study and energy, because this can affect the result of study instead. If have a young person that joins higher education to teach oneself an exam, he ordered more than 10 kinds of publications that tell self-study and exam, learn seriously and study, tell a method to come to, but the course that he consults every time is taken an examination of mostly however fail. Because he is absorbed in studying method and skill,this is, beautiful on study content time and vigor are too little, and nurturance the opportunistic, habit that does not agree to make great efforts. Method and skill can be used appropriately only, and want fumble from inside oneself study practice a method that suits oneself and skill just are met true canal is used.

The 2nd, stress speed and efficiency overly, do not wish to spend time to often repeat (review) the content that already had learned, beg only understood to stop. Of the language apply since a kind of skill, skill relies on skill comes from practice only, should repeat ability ceaselessly the meeting is skilled, just can form the skill that freely of a kind of application, truly ponders adroitly only.

The 3rd, 3 days fish two days to bask in a net, without perseverance, cannot insist for a long time to learn. The adroitness of skill should have a process, all sorts of difficulty are encountered in the meeting in this process, but cannot lower his head to difficulty, want unremitting ground to learn repeatedly, perserve.

The 4th, ignored audition trains. The language is phonic, of our antonym character the sound effect that experiencing is a language above all the cerebra at us, if do not practice audition, just be read silently and carry a word on the back, its understand others not to speak a foreign language not only as a result, and read a level to also rise hard.

The 5th, learn only and not “ uses ” , it is the mood that learns ” with “ will learn a foreign language completely. The practicality of the language is very strong, if learn only and need not, also learn forever bad. The purpose that we learn a language is for application, want to learn to learn in use, such ability increase interest, achieve good study result.

Those who deserve special attention is, “ just does not use ” conscious, a lot of moment are to want involuntary “ to use ” . Having a meal for instance, wash a bowl, chat, get online, wash a face, wash a foot, wash the dress, when doing household thing, can open recording and TV listen to English; See a movie for instance, watch news, hear song, see a novel also want to see English; The operating system of English and application software can be installed on computer for instance; Chat with English than as above net, etc.
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