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We Always Convince Ourselves That Life Will Be Better After We Get Married, have A Baby, then Another. Then We Are Frustrated ThatThe Kids Aren't Old Enough And We'll Be More Content When They Are. After That We' Re Frustrated That We Have Teenagers To Deal With. We Will Certainly Be Happy When They Are Out Of That Stage.
We Always Tell Ourselves That Our Life Will Be Complete When Our Spouse Gets His Or Her Act Together, when We Get A Nicer Car, and Are Able To Go On A Nice Vacation, when We Retire. The Truth Is, there's No Better Time Than Right Now. If Not Now, when? Our Life Will Always Be Filled With Challenges. It's Best To Admit This To Ourselves And Decide To Be Happy Anyway.
One Of My Favorite Quotes Comes From Alfred Souza. He Said, "For A Long Time It Had Seemed To Me That Life Was About To Begin-real Life. But There Was Always Some Obstacle In The Way, something To Be Gotten Through First, some Unfinished Business, time Still To Be Served, a Debt To Be Paid. Then Life Would Begin. At Last It Dawned Onto Me That These Obstacles Were My Life. This Perspective Has Helped Me To See That There Is No Way To Happiness. Happiness Is The Way. So Treasure Every Moment That You Have. And Remember That Time Waits For No One. So Stop Waiting Until You Finish School, until You Go Back To School; Until You Get Married, until You Get Divorced; Until You Have Kids, until Your Kids Leave Home; Until You Start Work, until You Retire; Until You Get A New Car Or Home; Until Spring; Until You Are Born Again To Decide That There Is No Better Time Than Right Now To Be Happy. . . .
Happiness Is A Journey, not A Destination. So,
Work Like You Don't Need Money,
Love Like You've Never Been Hurt,
And Dance Like No One's Watching.
We always believe, waited for us to marry, gave birth to the childThe lifeThe meeting is better. Etc had the child, we because they are insufficient big and vexed, when thinking a little bit big to wait for them, we are met happy. Can wait for them to enter person adolescent period, we or no less pained, believe to waited for them to cross this one level again then, happiness can come.
We always tell ourselves, wait for the either between husband and wife to just agree at cooperating, wait for us to have better car, wait for us to be able to spend wonderful vacation, after waiting for us to retire, our life is met certainly perfect. And factual truth is, more precious than now without any hour. If is not now, can you be when? Our life can have a challenge all the time. Had better be to let oneself accept fact of this be related, make oneself carry happy mental state anyhow.
I very a paragraph of logion that admire Aierfuleide Suze. He says: "Long-term since, I feel to live- - real life is about to begin it seems that. But total meeting encounters some kind of obstacle, if must accomplish a few things first. Do not have the job that finish, want consecratory time, this paid debt, etc. The life just can begin later. I wake up to reality finally came over, these obstacle itself are my life. "This one viewpoint lets me realize the way that leads to happiness without what. Happy itself is a road. So, those who cherish you to have each quarter, and remember time will not wait for me, do not make again so called await- - wait for you to finish learn, wait for you to return the school again; Wait for you to marry or divorce; Waited for you to the child or child are brought up leave the home; Wait for you to begin the work or wait for you to retire; Waited for you to have new car or bridal chamber; Wait for spring to come; Wait for you to Xing Zailai world goes up to just understand by at the moment most should happy...
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